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STTSchool of Technical Training (Royal Air Force)
STTSpin-Transfer Torque (microelectronics)
STTScience and Technology of Thailand
STTSanction to Test (electrical inspections)
STTStop Tail Turn (tractor trailer lighting)
STTState Street Corporation (stock symbol)
STTSwiss Table Tennis
STTSurface Tension Transfer (welding)
STTSeptic Tank Treatment (home maintenance)
STTSportbike Track Time (Holland, MI)
STTSecurities Transaction Tax (India)
STTSingapore Technologies Telemedia
STTString Type
STTStart and Stop
STTStateless Transport Tunneling (computer networking)
STTSuomen Tietotoimisto (Finnish National News Agency)
STTSpeech to Text (system for hearing impaired)
STTSergeant's Time Training (US Army)
STTSecure Transaction Technology
STTSpouses to Teachers (US DoD)
STTStenographer, Medical (US Navy)
STTStability Transition Team (US Army)
STTSpinothalamic Tract
STTSheridan Travel and Tourism (Sheridan, WY)
STTSumatran Tiger Trust
STTSchirmer Tear Test (ophthalmology)
STTSpacelab Transfer Tunnel (US NASA)
STTSurface Test Tree
STTShort Term Training
STTSoft Tissue Therapy
STTStudent Talking Time (TESOL jargon)
STTSystem Time Table
STTSingle Target Track
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STTSatellite Transportable Terminal (communications; US Army)
STTState Transition Table
STTSet-Top Terminal
STTSkid to Turn (missile)
STTSEAL Tactical Training
STTSt. Thomas Hall (University of Scranton)
STTSpace-Time Trellis (coding scheme)
STTSave the Trees (band)
STTShore Targeting Terminal
STTSource to Target (data mapping)
STTShort Term Throughput
STTSpecial Task Team
STTSoft Tissue Trauma
STTSchool of Telecommunications Technology
STTStatement to Task
STTScaphoid, Trapezium and Trapezoid (wrist bones)
STTSlave to Target (blog)
STTSky Trek Tower (amusement park ride)
STTSt Thomas Island, VI, USA - Cyril E. King Airport (Airport Code)
STTScaphotrapezoid-Trapezial (Joint)
STTSystem Test Tool
STTStrategy and Training Teams
STTSekolah Tinggi Texmaco (Indonesian high school)
STTSituational Training Template
STTSerial Thrombin Time
STTSoftware Tips and Tricks (website)
STTSignal Tracking Trainer
STTSchedule Training Time
STTSystem Technical Test
STTSpread To Treasurys
STTStep to Talk (audio transmission)
STTScalar Timing Theory
STTSuccess-To-The-Top Network Routing
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Maternal soft tissue traumas, PPH, retention of urine and cephalohaematoma were taken as a primary outcome.
The combination of these two injuries in the setting of high-energy trauma and significant soft tissue trauma to the head/neck area are highly suspicious for injury to the CCJ.
But the scans and x-rays we had were clear, so we are just dealing with some soft tissue trauma at the moment.
AmnioFix[R] is the second of the company's two tissue technology platforms, and has remarkable potential for numerous medical applications in the areas of soft tissue trauma, nerve and tendon repair, spinal applications and sports medicine.
A postmortem by state pathologist Professor Marie Cassidy found evidence of severe and widespread soft tissue trauma to the head, trunk and limbs as a result of blunt force "such as in a violent assault".
The AxiaLIF technique features novel instrumentation to enable standard of care fusion principles, distraction and stabilization of the anterior lumbar column while mitigating the soft tissue trauma associated with traditional lumbar fusion through open surgical incisions.
He was diagnosed with various laceration, contusions, soft tissue trauma, and a fracture of his upper right arm bone.
This also sometimes leads to the detection of subtle fractures or soft tissue trauma that would be missed if a single film were examined.
Many authors have highlighted the importance of fasciotomy in the vascular reconstruction9-11 because the soft tissue trauma, crush injury and venous injury result in the higher risk of compartment syndrome8,9, especially when the time of reconstruction exceeds the four to six hours post injury.
They cover syndromes and congenital anomalies, cutaneous lesions and facial reconstructions, head and neck reconstruction, maxillofacial and soft tissue trauma, rhinoplasty, and aging-face surgery.
Soft tissue trauma suggested that the testicle was ejected through the superficial ring.