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SHOSuper High Output (Ford performance model)
SHOShowtime (Cable Channel)
SHOSpanish Harlem Orchestra (California)
SHOSafety and Health Official
SHOShutout (Baseball)
SHOStation House Officer (police)
SHOSenior House Officer
SHOSamenwerkende Hulporganisaties (Dutch: Cooperating Aid Organizations)
SHOState Health Officer
SHOSuper High Output
SHOSenior Housing Option (Colorado)
SHOSenior Health Officer (various locations)
SHOSmokers' Helpline Online (resource)
SHOSimple Harmonic Oscillator
SHOStaff Hearing Officer (Ohio Industrial Commission)
SHOSokcho, South Korea (Airport Code)
SHOSoft Handoff
SHOSelf-Help Organization
SHOStab and Hinge Over (oil exploration)
SHOStation Head Officer
SHOSurface Hors Oeuvre (French: Gross Floor Area; measurement)
SHOSuper Hub Office
SHOSenior Hearing Officer (California Department of Corrections)
SHOSchool Holidays Only (daycare program; Liverpool, NY)
SHOSoft HO (Handover) (Telecommunications)
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Benjapolakul ,"Adaptation of CDMA Soft Handoff Thresholds using Fuzzy Inference System", IEEE ICPWC 2000, pp.
Benjapolakul, "Comparative Evaluation of Fixed and Adaptive Soft Handoff Parameters using Fuzzy Inference Systems in CDMA Mobile Communication Systems," Proc.
e]) and one for a mobile station operating in soft handoff where it can see both BTSs.
By sending this information to the new BTS as part of the soft handoff setup process, the new base station knows when to expect the mobile signal's arrival and acquisition can be faster than if the BTS knew nothing.
which is a direct measure of the time difference between BTS1 and BTS2 made at every soft handoff.
During normal operation, multiple PSMMs are sent from every mobile station in soft handoff.