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SOIStatistics Of Income (IRS)
SOISouthern Oscillation Index (see ENSO)
SOIStatement of Interest (various organizations)
SOIShadow of Infinity (trading card game)
SOIStatement of Intent
SOIStart of Injection (engines)
SOISphere of Influence
SOIStage of Involvement (software development)
SOISchool Of Infantry
SOISource of Information
SOISpin-Orbit Interaction (physics)
SOISolicitation of Interest (various locations)
SOISocieta Oftalmologica Italiana (Italian: Italian Society of Ophthalmology)
SOIShadow of Israphael (web series)
SOIStructure of Intellect
SOISystem on Insulator
SOIService Oriented Infrastructure
SOISmall Outline I-Leaded Package
SOISilicon on Insulator
SOISchool of Informatics (various locations)
SOISurvey Of India
SOIService-Oriented Integration
SOISaturn Orbit Insertion
SOISpecial Olympics Inc.
SOISecretary of the Interior
SOISons of Iraq (Sunni tribal group; Iraq)
SOISick of It
SOISolar Oscillations Investigation
SOISingle Opt-In (subscription process)
SOISurvey of Israel
SOISit On It
SOIStart of Image
SOIShell Offshore, Inc. (Shell Exploration and Production Company)
SOISignal Of Interest
SOISignal Operating Instructions
SOISeverity of Illness (medical charting)
SOISymphony Orchestra Institute (various locations)
SOISound of Inevitability (gaming guild)
SOISemiconductor on Insulator
SOISocietà Orticola Italiana (Italian Horticultural Society)
SOIState of Insanity
SOIStrategic Outsoucing Incorporated (Charlotte, NC)
SOISpace Object Identification
SOISummary of Information
SOISum of Infeasibilities
SOISupplier-Owned Inventory
SOISpreading Odontogenic Infection (dentistry)
SOISurgical Orthotopic Implantation
SOIStandard of Identity (bottled water labeling)
SOISyrian Olympiad in Informatics (competition)
SOIShadows of Isildur (game)
SOIScamp Owners International
SOISensor of Interest
SOIService Order Input
SOISignal Operation Instruction(s)
SOISea of Insanity (webcomic)
SOIStandard Operating Instruction(s)
SOIShares on Issue
SOIStanding Operating Instructions
SOIStandard Operator Interface
SOIState Oceanographic Institute of Roshydromet (Russia)
SOISource of Impact
SOIShare of Ink (public-relations)
SOISeen or Implied
SOISyllabus of Instruction
SOISeeds of Insanity (gamers clan)
SOIStatement of Operating Intent (Canada)
SOISlipped on Ice (medical; cause of an accident)
SOISolar Oscillations Imagery
SOISystem Operating Instruction (how to operate One System, Nuclear Power)
SOIStore Operating Income
SOIStudent Outreach Intern
SOISecurity Operations Instructions
SOIScripted OS (Operating System) Install (Symantec)
SOISales Office Identification
SOISelected Opportunistic Infectious
SOISpinscan Ozone Imager
SOISupply Operating Instruction
SOIStandards Organisation of Iran
SOISustainment Operating Instruction (US Air Force)
SOISwitchboard Operating Instruction
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For SOI structure and SiGe-OI structure, the Pn junction is homojunction, and the hole barrier height can be analyzed according to the following formula [17]:
Glukhov, "Biosensor properties of SOI nanowire transistors with PEALD Al2O3 dielectric protective layer," Semiconductors, vol.
Another way of stating this is that by including the returns received after late September, the new SOI migration data represent the migration patterns for the full filing population of current tax year returns.
Weiran Kong, Executive Vice President of Hua Hong Semiconductor said, "With the booming of mobile internet and intelligent terminal in recent years, there are more and more applications of consumer electronics with the use of RF SOI design.
La chose est une immediatete simple qui garde en soi une telle puissance et richesse de sens qui permettra--a l'interieur de la relation--l'emergence de la certitude sensible (Cf.
Cela m'a permis de constater que ce << home >> concu comme centre imaginaire de la construction de soi avait du sens dans les recits (narrations de soi) des individus interroges.
Kirsten Seckler, vice president, branding and communications for SOI, said she was unaware of any other nonprofits that have similar arrangements with any of their executives.
The company said that its SOI technology maintains full compatibility with its bulk CMOS process, enabling integration of control functions, low-noise amplifiers and power amplifiers on a single chip.
A broad plan to absorb Sunni Arab militiamen - called Sons of Iraq (SoI) - who battled AQM on the promise of joining the national security forces or have government jobs is at risk of being derailed by lukewarm political support and limited funding.
Summary: Rabat - Princess Lalla Amina, Chairwoman of Special Olympics Morocco (SOM) and member of the Special Olympics International (SOI) Advisory Council will chair the meeting of the SOI-SOM Joint Committee, in charge of preparing SOI World Congress, to be held in Marrakech June 2010.
About 40 papers from a May 2009 symposium, by contributors working in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America, reveal the latest work on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) materials and characterization, device technology, device physics and modeling, device process technology, simulations for nanoscale SOI devices, and circuit technology.
The Reserve Bank's focus for the year ahead remains on the stability of the financial system and economy in the face of an uncertain global environment, Acting Governor Grant Spencer said today, releasing the Bank's Statement of Intent (SOI) for 2009-2011.