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In the present study we observed greater soil microbial biomass C in the HV than CF soil during incubation of the soils without any addition of C and N (Fig.
Measurement of soil microbial biomass shows no information about microbial activity.
Measurement of soil microbial biomass provides an early indication of changes in total organic matter due to straw incorporation.
The MNS of soil microbial biomass (Figure 1) and active fauna (Figure 2) explained 93[degrees] o and 98[degrees] o of variation, respectively, and separated undisturbed from disturbed sites according to soil properties.
Effects of phosphorus addition on soil microbial biomass and community composition in three forest types in tropical China.
Therefore, the increased soil microbial biomass in the rhizosphere of E+ grasses that is indexed by the arginine ammonification (Table 1) can be considered as an indirect mechanism to explain the increased activity of alkaline phosphomonoesterase in the rhizosphere of endophyte infected plants.
Our hypothesis is that, after two consecutive years, the applications of composted tannery sludge may promote strong effects on the soil microbial biomass as a result of the accumulation of this waste.
Correlation analysis showed that the initial polyphenol contents of the residues had a direct relationship with soil microbial biomass C and N (r = 0.
Soil microbial biomass is a composite of several groups of organisms that have different C/N ratios.
Soil microbial biomass dynamics and net nitrogen mineralization in Northem hardwood ecosystems.