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In October, the German company Siemens admitted that due to changed regulatory conditions, lower growth and strong price pressure in the solar markets, "the company's expectations for its solar energy activities have not been met." Among other investments, it will sell Solel, the company founded by Luz alumni that makes equipment for solar thermal power plants; Siemens bought it just three years ago for $418 million.
"This solar thermal power plant represents one of the first steps toward the introduction of sustainable energy sources in the region, representing a strategic development for this country," said Eric Svendsen, chief executive officer of Foster Wheeler Energia, S.L.
The works on the solar thermal power plant Andasol 3 are right on target.
Accompanied by a delegation from the leading Spanish company for electric power Iberdrola, Minister Kayala visited a gas-run power plant in Atica near Toledo, and newly-established solar thermal power plant in Ciudad Real city.
The Ivanpah project will be California's first large-scale commercial solar thermal power plant in nearly two decades.
For example, the biggest solar thermal power plant in the American state of Nevada produces 64MW and the largest in Europe, in Spain, produces 60MW.
The equipment will be installed at the 100-megawatt Extresol 1 and 2 solar thermal power plant and solar collector field in Extremadura in western Spain.
Examples include Hywind Scotland, the world's first utility-scale offshore wind farm; Gemasolar in Spain, the first solar thermal power plant producing electricity 24 hours a day; and London Array, currently the world's largest offshore wind farm in operation.
The 500MW Phase-One Solar Power Complex at Ouarzazate is the world's largest solar thermal power plant. To be built with investment of an estimated Euros 2.3 billion, the project is the first one to be implemented under the Moroccan Solar Plan.
According to US Energy Information Administration data, the cost of building and operating a new solar thermal power plant over its lifetime is greater than generating natural gas, coal or nuclear power.
This steam then passes through a dual-fuel (gas or diesel) powered heater that superheats the steam to 540 degrees C (4) This maximises the plant's efficiency by maintaining the steam at the optimal temperature for power generation even when there is cloud Photo : Anoop K Menon Special trucks are used to clean the solar field twice a week POWER & WATER | APRIL 2013 29 COVER STORY of the Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) which was new and led to some challenges." At the heart of Shams 1 is a steam turbine which is the largest single casing turbine ever built for solar thermal power plant. Offering a gross output of 125 MW, MANA[sup.3]s steam turbine is the largest ever built for a solar thermal power station.
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