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The shoes Vogler collects will be delivered to Soles4Souls, a not-for-profit social enterprise that creates sustainable jobs and provides relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world.
org/) Soles4Souls , a non-profit organization that works to give shoes to impoverished communities.
The diamond-encrusted trainers were unveiled in New York at the beginning of April 2016, and set to be auctioned off to the US-based charity organisation Soles4Souls, which donates shoes to the needy.
com) announced today the launch of its "Shoptivity Sharing" campaign along with partner Soles4Souls to provide sustainable jobs, shoes, and clothing to families throughout the world.
Working together with Soles4Souls, a charitable organization dedicated to protecting children from infectious diseases, he has now made it his mission to run barefoot as a way to solicit funds for his cause.
CBRE's fourth-annual National Shoe Collection Drive, held in conjunction with the international charity Soles4Souls, collected more than 15,373 pairs of shoes from its employees to give to people in need.
This business is the only official drop-off location in Roselle and will collect shoes all year long to help Soles4Souls, which monetises used shoes and clothing to create sustainable jobs and fund direct relief efforts.
For the past two decades, the energetic six-foot, six-inch performer has used his platform as singer-songwriter for the hip-hop/funk/rock band Spearhead to spread positivity, raise environmental and political awareness, and alleviate human suffering through charities like Soles4Souls and his own recently established foundation, Do It For The Love.
Alexander Diaz, who owns the UPS Stores in Auburn, Holden, Westboro and Worcester, held a huge shoe drive in 2009 for Tennessee-based Soles4Souls.
THE MILLION DOLLAR ROUNDTABLE For its ongoing philanthropic efforts, marked in 2011 by its building of playgrounds for children in underserved communities both home and abroad, its twice-annual phonathon to raise funds for families affected by domestic violence, its partnership with Soles4Souls and its support for St.
What started as a personal adventure has become a fundraiser for Soles4Souls, a charity that supplies shoes to needy kids.
The other unique thing about Soles4Souls is that it has created a network of microbusinesses to sell any surplus shoes and help to empower the impoveris hed to be self-sufficient and support themselves and their families.