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Adding a rocker-bottom sole and a solid ankle cushion heel to a shoe helps decrease heel strike impact in individuals with decreased ankle motion, and they aid in the transition from the heel strike to the push-off during level walking.
05, respectively) only during the initial double-limb support phase and were significantly different than the solid ankle cushion heel (SACH) foot (ratio: 1.
Abbreviations: AMP = Amputee Mobility Predictor, COM = center of mass, COP = center of pressure, DMERC = Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier, DR = dynamic response, GRF = ground reaction force, ICC = intraclass correlation coefficient, MFCL = Medicare Functional Classification Level, PVD = peripheral vascular disease, SACH = solid ankle cushion heel, SAFE = stationary attachment flexible endoskeleton, SD = standard deviation, SEW = Symmetry in External Work, TTA = transtibial amputation, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.