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Although they provide higher temperature in the surface of the pen, in comparison with solid concrete floor, deep litter systems can be used to raise growing-finishing pigs, since there are no negative effects for growth performance.
He said the single storey structures previously used as kennels were 'relatively substantial' buildings constructed in blockwork, and appear to have solid concrete floors.
The company says hard-wearing, stain resistant and able to withstand foot and light vehicle traffic; typical applications for Drybase ECS Epoxy Floor Coating would be treating damp and staining problems in solid concrete floors (eg garage floors); floor and wall coating for kitchens and other food-processing spaces; warehouse and storage facilities; and light industrial factory areas to give resistance to foot and light vehicular traffic.
Suggestions include installing a radon sump system, improving ventilation under suspended floors, using a positive pressure ventilation system, sealing cracks and gaps in solid concrete floors, or changing the way the property is ventilated.
But Rob Trotter, of DJ Alexander letting agents in Edinburgh, said: "I cannot see how the laying of a carpet at a newly built flat with solid concrete floors will make any difference to sound travelling between the floors."
The workshop units benefit from solid concrete floors, 3-phase electrics, gas-fired warm air blowers and roof lights.
Not so easy if you have solid concrete floors where you will need to bring it through the wall instead.
Solid concrete floors could become uneven, brickwork may distort slightly or doors and windows may stick when you try to open them.
Solid concrete floors offer high noise insulation and fire protection and latest heating systems contrive to banish unsightly fat radiators, most notably hidden underfloor in the bathrooms.
They benefit from solid concrete floors and gas-fired warm air blowers.