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SCHPSouth Carolina Highway Patrol
SCHPScholarum Piarum (Roman Catholic religious order)
SCHPSchool of Community Health and Policy (Morgan State University; Baltimore, MD)
SCHPSolid Copper Hollow Point (bullets)
SCHPSolar Combined Heat and Power
SCHPClerics Regular of the Pious Schools, Piarist Fathers
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Last November I used an 8 3/8-inch S&W Model 500 loaded with MagTech's 275-grain Solid Copper Hollow Point to fill our doe quota on the old home place.
PRECISION WITH POWER: My personal favorite among .500 Magnum loads for revolver whitetail hunting these days is MagTech Ammunition's 275-grain solid copper hollow point. The bullet leaves the muzzle of an 8 3/8-inch revolver at about 1,650 fps with close to 1,700 ft-lbs of energy.