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SWTFSolid Waste Trust Fund (est. 1990; Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Act; Georgia)
SWTFSolid Waste Task Force (Franklin County, NC)
SWTFSurface Water Treatment Facility
SWTFSystolic Wall Thickening Fraction
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The solid waste task force convened by Falls, River, MA Mayor Sam Sutter in March to analyze the city's current solid waste program and explore future options has completed its meetings on the issue.
Sterling established a Solid Waste Task Force to study the options for the disposal of solid waste in the future.
In addition to his TAPPI activities, Dunn is a member of the ASTM Committee F2 (Flexible Barrier materials), the Flexible Packaging Association's technical committee and Solid Waste Task Force, as well as the National Product Development and Management Association.
The Solid Waste Task Force in New Hampshire, a 27-member group established in 1999 by Governor Jeanne Shaheen, has released a report addressing several concerns, including:
In 1992, as a result of inside and outside pressures, including self-assessment, litigation, and public comments, EPA assigned a new task force to develop proposals for comprehensive recycling reform.(12) The Definition of Solid Waste Task Force ("the Task Force") published a report in 1994 that recommended a three-tiered regulatory system of exemptions, tailored standards, and full hazardous waste management requirements.(13) These proposals, however, were rejected by the regulated community and other interested parties.(14) EPA therefore aborted the Task Force approach and went back to the drawing board.
As the first step in their collaboration, a joint EDF-McDonald's Solid Waste Task Force (SWTF) was formally established to implement the goals of the alliance.
In 1989, the EPA's Municipal Solid Waste Task Force published its final report, 7he Solid Waste Dilemma: An Agenda for Action.
WASHINGTON--The Nonprescription Drug Manufacturers Association has established a solid waste task force to consider environmental initiatives for the O-T-C pharmaceutical industry in packaging and recycling, according to William Cooley, who is the 1990 to 1991 chairman of the NDMA scientific affairs committee.
government relations representative, are coordinating the trade association's solid waste task force.
It was the top recommendation of the city's Solid Waste Task Force earlier this year.
Authorities created the solid waste task force to help coordinate investigation and enforcement actions in the region.
The Long Island Solid Waste Task Force was created in May to strengthen coordination of solid waste investigation and enforcement activities across the region, NYSDEC spokeswoman Aphrodite Montalvo said.
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