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SSHDSolid State Hybrid Drive
SSHDSecretary of State for the Home Department (UK)
SSHDSsh Daemon
SSHDSecure Shell Daemon
SSHDSociety for the Study of Human Development (Florida International University; Miami, FL)
SSHDSolid-State Hard Disk (memory)
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Firewall - the field of application - the use of class b2 informatization at the object according to st 34.101.30-2007- the availability of the firewall (network services presentation) functionality of the "cisco asa 5500-x" series or the analogue software cisco adaptive security appliance software lower than 9.0- the amount of ram is not less than 4 gb - the volume of the flash memory of the system is not less than 8 gb - solid-state hard disk with a volume of not less than 50 gb - the maximum throughput with connection status control is not less than 750 mb / s- usknaya ability with pin
Although using a solid-state hard disk could eliminate the problem of a hard disk crash in mobile robots, solid-state hard disks were expensive, and we could not afford to buy them.
They serve many different functions: fax/modems, solid-state hard disks, local area network (LAN) adapters, sound generators and many more.
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