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His hundreds of conversations and 16,000 miles of solo cross-country cycling are being compiled into the "Conversations With US" book series, the first of which was recently published by Spoke & Word Books.
All student pilots should log all solo cross-country time as PIC, and if desired, also as solo time since he or she is the "sole occupant."
I have used the same phrase myself as an instructor when sending someone out the door for their first solo aerial refueling mission, and as a parent when sending someone out the door for their first solo cross-country drive to college.
You even know how to handle it when it's hot, as you learned the hard way on your long solo cross-country.
John had many interests over the years which included flying (where he got as far as solo cross-country flying), motorcycling (sadly having to part with his Indian due to a growing family), hunting and marksmanship (winning 2nd place in the 1951 Douglas Police Pistol Matches).
The test was the culmination of months of hard work - including seven written theory exams, at least 45 hours' ' flying training, including 10 hours' ' solo flying, five hours' ' solo cross-country flying and at least one solo flight of not fewer than 150 nautical miles with full-stop landings at two or more different aerodromes.
Kinsey spent much of the Roaring Twenties on solo cross-country road trips, collecting over a million insect samples, which he meticulously labeled, mounted, and arranged on pins in wooden cases, 800 to a box, to catalogue the minute variations in specimens taken from different hillsides.
* A young pilot accepts the cheers of well-wishers as she completes a solo cross-country flight, becoming the youngest person ever to do this.
With some trepidation, my instructor endorsed my logbook for a long solo cross-country from Sanford, Florida to Pompano Beach, Florida.
By the time we embark on our CFI-approved solo cross-country, we're at the point where all further in-flight decision making is all ours.
If you're like me, you plotted out your solo cross-country to a level seldom since repeated (See page 12 for more details on modern VFR flight planning--Ed.).