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SIBCSurface Impedance Boundary Condition
SIBCSolomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (public TV; Solomon Islands)
SIBCSkeeter Ice Boat Club
SIBCStandard Impedance Boundary Condition
SIBCSeaway International Bridge Corporation (Canada)
SIBCShetland Islands Broadcasting Company (UK)
SIBCSpace Industrial Base Council (US DoD)
SIBCSeoul International Baptist Church (Seoul, South Korea)
SIBCShell Island Beach Club (timeshare resort; Sanibel Island, FL)
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The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) reaches over 5000 villages in the Solomon Islands.
As such, local information about these issues came mainly from media reporting, both radio (Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation or SIBC) and newspapers.
On 17th April, Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation discloses that determination was made at the CBSI Board of Directors meeting last Thursday.
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