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SOLRShort-Open-Load Reciprocal
SOLRSupplier of Last Resort
SOLRSquare Open-Loop Resonator (electrical engineering)
SOLRSons of Liberty Riders (motorcyclists; Latrobe, PA)
SOLRSolution Reconstituted (medical classification)
SOLRShareable Online Learning Resources (British Columbia Campus; Canada)
SOLRSearching On Lucene w/Replication (HTTP based search application)
SOLRStudent Organization Leadership Retreat (various schools)
SOLRSprint On-Line Reference (system)
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LucidWorks said it has announced the availability of Solr Monitor App for Splunk (NASDAQ: SPLK) Enterprise, the first monitoring app specifically designed to allow companies to analyze and manage the health and availability of their Solr deployments in Splunk software.
At the conference, I too attended Hatcher's Solr workshop and watched as Durfee, Nagy, and Hatcher showed examples of what was possible even for the nonprofessional programmer.
The SOLR technique was suggested by Ferrero [1] and has been implemented in Cascade Microtech's WinCal software .
Attendees can expect an insightful session on how Solr handles ranking documents, how one could add enrich the data with signals unique to their store, and customise landing pages and search behaviour.
I had heard about Solr, an open source faceted-search system that I lumped with the Endeca Guided Navigation technology.
com)-- Upshot Commerce, a provider of on-demand, fully customizable ecommerce software solutions, recently announced new search system integration with Solr from the makers of Apache.
With experience from hundreds of Findability solutions and a large customer base, our experts customize, based on open source components, Findability solutions, using market leading search platforms or Solr as a base.
Olsthoorns presentation, Loading 350M Documents into a Large Solr Cluster in 8 Hours or Less, demonstrated how a large set of Extensible Markup Language (XML) documents can be rapidly and efficiently loaded into SolrCloud, a cluster of Solr servers that combines fault tolerance and high availability.