SOLRADSolar Radiation Satellite
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To determine the effect of enhanced obliquity, a theoretical solar radiation model (SOLRAD) was also applied.
To further confirm this hypothesis, a theoretical solar radiation model (SOLRAD) with altered obliquity values was run.
SOLRAD (version 1.2) which was written by Pelletier is a simplified solar radiation model that is based on clear sky conditions and therefore does not take into account the dynamics of cloud formation and other complex atmospheric processes [21].
The obliquity of the earth could have been enhanced by the giant Sumatra quake and tsunami to about 27deg and the present obliquity as estimated by SOLRAD is about 27.67deg.
Por ahora Solrad tiene un nuevo significado: Soluciones Radicales", senalo.
A este concepto, los ejecutivos de Solrad le llaman IVE (Red instantanea virtual) ya que no requiere de ninguna instalacion, excavaciones, ni software, como en los enlaces dedicados: "Solo tomamos el aparato, se configura y queda listo para conectarse a Internet".