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SolunarSun/Moon (tables for determining the best days and hours to catch fish)
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Because no clear patterns of lunar effects on largemouth bass activity and depth on an annual scale were found by the researchers, they suggest that solunar tables may not predict the feeding activity of bass in a predictable manner throughout the year.
Marcus Lashley, a graduate student at North Carolina State University, recently looked at whether deer movement rates are influenced by solunar activity.
Most days provide either a major or minor solunar period around those times.
I think I have success tying in solunar effects during late summer and throughout fall, beginning with the first full moon of August--especially when that moon occurs at least by midway in the month, as is the case this year.
An Almanac page, exclusive to the ONIX 350, provides lunar and solar information, while Solunar Edge technology both monitors and factors in barometric pressures and ambient temperatures so wildlife movements and feeding patterns can be predicted more accurately than ever before.
All of Mark's planning is coordinated with his solunar tables to determine the best day and time to fish.
Barometer, solunar phase, fishing pressure, poor lure choices--any number of things might be responsible.
Or," Bouncer continued at the docks of Miami Beach Marina where he's kept his Dusky 33 center console for decades now, "Just use a solunar table.
Sonny Nelson, tall, quiet, grinned like a Chessy cat as Leroy, Lee, and I traded wildly derogatory statements across the water about teachers, like me, who call twenty class hours a work load, the impossibility of teaching your generation anything, the badness of Leroy's cooking, the possibility that the DNR had brought just those two walleyes special from Madison for the Nelsons so they'd stop strewing nails in the warden's driveway, and about my faith in the Solunar Tables.
Examples include the Solunar Table, Vektor Fish and Game Activity Tables and the Moon Wheel.
It sends this via Bluetooth wireless voodoo to your Apple or Android phone or tablet with the free downloadable app which also gives moon phases, air temp, solunar "best times," Internet sharing of fish photos and other tools.
Manns demonstrated that catches tended to follow predictions of solunar theory--that, all other factors being equal--more bass would be caught during major periods, when the moon is positioned directly overhead or directly below a given longitude; or during minor periods, when the moon is positioned at 90 degrees from a latitude.