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SNMSociety of Nuclear Medicine
SNMSpur Null Magazin (German railroad magazine)
SNMSpecial Nuclear Material
SNMSubnet Mask
SNMSwitch Network Manager
SNMSlovak National Museum (est. 1961)
SNMSomali National Movement
SNMSan Marcos (Guatemala, territorial division)
SNMSchool of Nursing and Midwifery (various universities)
SNMShow No Mercy (gaming clan)
SNMService des Nouvelles des Marchés (French: New Markets Service)
SNMShin Nippon Machinery (Japan)
SNMSocial Network Marketing
SNMStatic Noise Margin
SNMSystem and Network Monitor (software)
SNMSay No More
SNMService Member
SNMStrategic Niche Management
SNMSignaling Network Management (SS7)
SNMSingapore National Museum
SNMSaturday Night Magazine (California)
SNMSentinel Node Mapping
SNMSyndicat National des Musiciens (French: National Union of Musicians)
SNMSubject Named Marine
SNMSun Net Manager
SNMSchweizer News Magazin (German: Swiss News Magazine)
SNMSenior Naval Member (US Navy)
SNMSociété Nautique de Marseille (French yacht club)
SNMSociété Neuchâteloise de Médecine (French: Neuchâtel Society of Medicine; Switzerland)
SNMSlave and Master
SNMSekai No Melody (multilingual singing organisation)
SNMSociété Nantaise de Manutention (French: Nantaise Handling Company; France)
SNMSeikai No Monshou (anime)
SNMStudent Nurse-Midwife
SNMSub-Network Manager
SNMSyndicato Nuevo Mexico (Spanish; gang; New Mexico)
SNMSubject Named Member
SNMSociedad Numismatica de Mexico
SNMSystem Notification Message
SNMSociety of New Music (London based new music organisation)
SNMSaid Named Marine
SNMSquare Nautical Mile
SNMSystème Nucléaire Militaire (French: Military Nuclear Systems)
SNMSmall Noise Model
SNMSadistic and Masochistic
SNMSwitching Network Manager (Ciena)
SNMSuccession Network Management (Nortel)
SNMSingle Nation Model
SNMSociété Nouvelle de Métallerie (French: New Company of Metalwork)
SNMSociété Nazairienne de Mécanique (French: Nazairian Mechanical Society; France)
SNMSocial Network Management
SNMSonorisation Nuits Magiques (French: Sound Magical Nights)
SNMSprint Network Manager
SNMSociété de Natation Messine (French: Messina Swimming Society)
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Other prominent clan movements were the Somali National Movement (SNM) founded by the Isaaqs or the United Somali Congress (USC) of the Hawiye.
The first with an analysis of the way one recent political movement, the Somali National Movement, tried to use a combination of nationalism and kinship as the basis for political action.
Because of the repeated torture, maiming, and murder of tens of thousands of tribal peoples, the Somali National Movement was organized to oust the dictator.
Although devastated by Siad Barre in the 1980s and in urgent need of seed and agricultural assistance, Somaliland is not in the desperate straits of sections of the south, and its chief political organization, the Somali National Movement, makes a decent case for exercising its right to self-determination.
The civil war has also taken its toll of the economy, culminating in the overthrow of the head of state, Mohammed Siad Barre, in late January 1990, by the rebel forces of the Somali National Movement. Rehabilitation will therefore be a tremendous task for any new administration, although there is now hope of some recovery of the economy.
Ethiopia was also the principal backer of the Somali National Movement (SNM), the group that liberated the northwest region of Somalia, currently known as Somaliland.
Armed to the teeth with U.S.-made weapons, the general turned his attentions to the Somali National Movement, or SNM, which was organizing resistance to the dictatorship out of the northern city of Hargeisa, home to the Isaaq people.
In its latest and most significant phase this movement coalesced in 1981 in a broad front formally called the Somali National Movement. This movement is in a strategically advanced stage, with virtual control of the countryside.
In 1991, the Somali National Movement (SNM) declared the north-west region independent and renamed it Somaliland.
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