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SKOMSarjana Komputer (Indonesian: Bachelor of Computer)
SKOMSome Kind of Monster (Metallica movie and song)
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The bed wasn't what made out of regular wood or plastic, but it appeared to be the very shape of the jaw of some kind of monster.
Her lawyer Gary McIlravey said: "The public perception of her is she is some kind of monster.
The band have toured with pop princess Taylor Swift and their song Some Kind Of Monster featured on the Iron Man 3 soundtrack.
Renato Delavia, 37, said: "My daughter is looking at me like I'm some kind of monster.
Nick's questionable PJs aside, the return of Liz McDonald last night was a definite high point, especially when she stopped Michelle in her tracks with: "Hey, I'm not some kind of monster, you know.
He's been painted as some kind of monster but he isn't," said mum-of-three Kerry.
Which brings up a pet peeve: people who think it's hilarious to hand a new shooter (often a woman) some kind of monster .
But his most popular film was a Metallica biopic called Some Kind of Monster, and in Crude his fascination with media distracts from the case at hand.
That film and its sequel eventually led Berlinger to make Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, the 2004 rockumentary about a different kind of headbanging--group therapy for rock stars.
He feels he's been painted as some kind of monster, which is just not true," Gardner added.
Anyone who's seen the documentary Some Kind of Monster, which follows the band as they go into group therapy in a bid to stop their squabbling, will know they have some issues, so maybe the presenter will end up getting a bigger scoop than she bargained for.
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