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SVNSubversion (version control system)
SVNSlovenia (international traffic code)
SVNSouth Vietnam
SVNSmall Volume Nebulizer
SVNSocial Venture Network
SVNSoftware Version Number
SVNSmart Volume Normalizer
SVNSecure Voice Network
SVNSecure Virtual Network
SVNSupervised Visitation Network
SVNSoftware Virtual Network (cyber warfare)
SVNSozialversicherungsnummer (German: Social Security Number)
SVNSwitched Virtual Network (IBM)
SVNSomething Very Naughty
SVNSociety for Vascular Nursing
SVNSinuvertebral Nerve
SVNSatellite Vehicle Number
SVNSignal Versus Noise
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The Elk Chocolate Brownie, served with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream, did everything it was meant too and there's something very naughty and magical to a chocolate lover about chocolate served with hot chocolate served with ice cream.
This is a woman who can't look into the lens without twinkling like a coquettish lap-dancer who's about to do something very naughty with the sauce ladle, who squeezes herself into waist-cinching frocks, and who makes every delicious morsel she produces look as easy as falling off a Yuletide log.
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