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SONStuck On
SONSigning Off Now
SONSoluble Organic Nitrogen
SoNShadows of Namek (gaming)
SONSchmidt's Original Nabendynamo (bicycle hub)
SONSubmiting Office Number
SONSingle Operational Node
SONSupraoptic Nucleus (medicine)
SONSelf-Organizing Network
SONStudio One Networks (New York)
SONService Order Number
SONSons of Norway
SoNState of Nature
SONService-Oriented Network (computing)
SONSouth of Nowhere (TV show)
SONSchool of Nursing
SONSonora (Estado de) (México)
SONStandards Organisation of Nigeria
SONStatement Of Need
SONStatement of Operational Need
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Afterwards they were cured by Melampus, the son of Amythaon.
So she bare sons to the almighty Son of Cronos, glorious leaders of wealthy men -- Minos the ruler, and just Rhadamanthys and noble Sarpedon the blameless and strong.
178: But according to Hesiod (Phineus) was the son of Phoenix, Agenor's son and Cassiopea.
The son of Peleus was furious, and his heart within his shaggy breast was divided whether to draw his sword, push the others aside, and kill the son of Atreus, or to restrain himself and check his anger.
for Juno had sent her in the love she bore to them both), and seized the son of Peleus by his yellow hair, visible to him alone, for of the others no man could see her.
But the son of Peleus again began railing at the son of Atreus, for he was still in a rage.
His brother, therefore, no sooner mentioned the marriage of his nephew with Miss Miller, than he exprest the utmost satisfaction; and when the father had very bitterly reviled his son, and pronounced sentence of beggary upon him, the uncle began in the following manner:
If you was a little cooler, brother, I would ask you whether you love your son for his sake or for your own.
In a short time he brought a very fat calf, which, although I did not know it, was my son.
Father," she answered, "this calf is the son of our master.
The ghost of Agamemnon recognised Amphimedon son of Melaneus, who lived in Ithaca and had been his host, so it began to talk to him.
And the ghost of Amphimedon answered, "Agamemnon, son of Atreus, king of men, I remember everything that you have said, and will tell you fully and accurately about the way in which our end was brought about.