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SONStuck On
SONSigning Off Now
SONSoluble Organic Nitrogen
SoNShadows of Namek (gaming)
SONSchmidt's Original Nabendynamo (bicycle hub)
SONSubmiting Office Number
SONSingle Operational Node
SONSupraoptic Nucleus (medicine)
SONSelf-Organizing Network
SONStudio One Networks (New York)
SONService Order Number
SONSons of Norway
SoNState of Nature
SONService-Oriented Network (computing)
SONSouth of Nowhere (TV show)
SONSchool of Nursing
SONSonora (Estado de) (México)
SONStandards Organisation of Nigeria
SONStatement Of Need
SONStatement of Operational Need
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The oldest son, Ambroz--they called it Ambrosch-- came out of the cave and stood beside his mother.
When my adopted son was about ten years old I was obliged to go on a journey.
Your slave is dead," she said, "and as for your son, I have not seen him for two months, and I do not know where he is.
Telemachus and the son of Nestor stayed their horses at the gate, whereon Eteoneus servant to Menelaus came out, and as soon as he saw them ran hurrying back into the house to tell his Master.
Menelaus was very angry and said, "Eteoneus, son of Boethous, you never used to be a fool, but now you talk like a simpleton.
It was the son of Jove and Leto; for he was angry with the king and sent a pestilence upon the host to plague the people, because the son of Atreus had dishonoured Chryses his priest.
Then the king's son wished for one, and she immediately stood before him, and was more beautiful than any painter could have painted her.
Although the hall porter saw someone's carriage standing at the entrance, after scrutinizing the mother and son (who without asking to be announced had passed straight through the glass porch between the rows of statues in niches) and looking significantly at the lady's old cloak, he asked whether they wanted the count or the princesses, and, hearing that they wished to see the count, said his excellency was worse today, and that his excellency was not receiving anyone.
1086: That Deucalion was the son of Prometheus and Pronoea, Hesiod states in the first "Catalogue", as also that Hellen was the son of Deucalion and Pyrrha.
But it was still possible to prevent her from becoming the innocent cause of Geoffrey's pecuniary ruin, by standing in the way of a reconciliation between father and son.
In short, the old gentleman, and the father of the young lady whom he intended for his son, had been hard at it for many hours; and the latter was just now gone, and had left the former delighted with the thoughts that he had succeeded in a long contention, which had been between the two fathers of the future bride and bridegroom; in which both endeavoured to overreach the other, and, as it not rarely happens in such cases, both had retreated fully satisfied of having obtained the victory.
So there was the duke already on horseback, clean armed, and his six sons by him, and every each had a spear in his hand, and so they encountered, whereas the duke and his two sons brake their spears upon him, but Sir Marhaus held up his spear and touched none of them.