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SOGStudies and Observation Group
SOGSon of a Gun
SOGShots on Goal (hockey)
SOGStages of Growth
SOGStroke of Genius
SOGSpecial Operations Group
SOGSpin on Glass
SOGStrait of Georgia (British Columbia, Canada)
SOGSea of Green (cannabis harvesting)
SOGSync on Green
SOGSign of God
SOGSpeed over Ground
SOGSous-Officiers de Gendarmerie (French: Deputy Police Officers)
SOGStandard Operating Guideline (fire safety)
SOGStrategic Oil & Gas Ltd. (Canada)
SOGSociety of Genealogists (UK)
SOGShades of Green (Armed Forces Recreation Center, Florida)
SOGSynchronized on Green
SOGSogenannt (German : so-called)
SOGStatement of Guidance (various organizations)
SOGSon of God
SOGSenior Officials Group
SOGShort Gastrulation
SOGSeat Of Government
SOGSlab on Grade
SOGSave Our Groundwater (New Hampshire)
SOGSchool of Governance (various locations)
SOGSergeant Of the Guard
SOGSilicon on Glass
SOGStudies and Operations Group (less common)
SOGSea-Of-Gates (semiconductors)
SOGSoldiers of God (gaming clan)
SOGStructure and Organization of Government (International Political Science Association)
SOGSogndal, Norway - Haukasen (Airport Code)
SOGService Order Gateway
SOGStudieontwijkend Gedrag (Dutch)
SOGSenior Oversight Group
SOGSchweizerische Orchideen-Gesellschaft (German: Swiss Orchid Society)
SOGSpecial Observations Group
SOGService Order Grouping
SOGSame Old Grind
SOGStrategic Offering Group (Syntel)
SOGStandard/Standing Operating Guidelines
SOGSurveillance and Observation Group
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Jesus, the Son of God, committed to the will of the Father God.
But by coming to believe Jesus is the son of God and developing a relationship with Him, we are given the chance to repent and be saved.
Judaism has a strong religious tradition that stresses God could not share any mortal attributes, so it could not accept Jesus as the Son of God who was both human and divine.
The New Testament clearly teaches that only those who believe Jesus is the Son of God will spend eternity in heaven.
It helps me that the Son of God had to struggle to find the words that would get through, that the Son of God felt at times helpless getting through to people like the apostles who really wanted to understand, that the Son of God shrieked out on the cross, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
This was compounded by his claim as being the Son of God, laying claim to his authentic self.
Jesus himself reminded us of this: whoever has fed, welcomed, visited, loved one of the least and poorest of men, will have done it to the Son of God.
McGinnis examines the doctrine of extra Calvinisticum, which holds that the incarnate Son of God was not limited to fleshly human existence, but continued to exist even beyond the flesh.
The problem with the superman Christology is that we tend to see Jesus, the Son of God, as somebody "up there" who inspires awe, and by default makes us down here feel so grossly inadequate that we cannot aspire to that utopian state.
This guy claims to be the son of God, but he knows that saying so is going to make everyone crazy (and is so blasphemous that it is punishable by death).
WHEN the centurion saw that He so cried out, and gave up the ghost, he said: "Truly this man was the Son of God.
For Christians this is a sign of Christ's divine nature, a manifestation of his being Son of God and God himself.