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SASSSingle Action Shooting Society
SASSSchools and Staffing Survey
SASSSchool of Applied Social Science (various schools)
SASSShanghai Academy of Social Sciences (Shanghai, China)
SASSSystem Acquisition Support Service
SASSSexual Assault Support Services
SASSSouth African Secret Service
SASSSociety for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study
SASSSchool Alliance of Student Songwriters (Canada)
SASSSyntactically Awesome Stylesheets (programming language)
SASSShri Amarnath Sangarsh Samiti (Indian political group)
SASSStay Alert Stay Safe (Canada streetproofing program)
SASSSchool of Audiology and Speech Sciences (University of British Columbia; Canada)
SASSStudent Advocacy and Support Services (various schools)
SASSStudent Academic Success Services (University of Minnesota; formerly Learning and Academic Skills Center)
SASSSaint Andrew's Scots School (Argentina)
SASSStudent Administration and Scheduling System
SASSState Authorities Superannuation Scheme (Australia)
SASSStock Analysis and Selection Software (various companies)
SASSStudent Academic Support System
SASSSpeciation Air Sampler System (US EPA)
SASSSubsonic Assessment (NASA)
SASSSeasat-A Satellite Scatterometer
SASSSemi Automatic Sniper System
SASSSEASAT-A Scatterometer System
SASSShort Attention Span Society/Syndrome
SASSScents and Subtle Sounds (Phish song)
SASSSouth African Spectroscopic Society
SASSStudents Against Starting Smoking
SASSStandard Army Supply System
SASSSafety Assurance System Summary
SASSSuspended Array Surveillance System
SASSState Accident Surveillance System (New York)
SASSStreamlined Acquisition Strategy Summary (US Air Force contracting documentation)
SASSSupport Arms Special Staff
SASSStandard Army Survivable Shelter
SASSSociety of Arts and Science Students
SASSSAC Aircraft Security System
SASSSupplemental Aviation Spares Support
SASSSonar Array Survey Subsystem
SASSSexual Assault Survivor Services
SASSSystem Administration Security Server (trademark of Relyant Technologies, Inc.)
SASSSource Analysis Sampling System
SASSStand-Alone Analysis Subsystem
SASSSpectrally Agile Sensor System
SASSSemi-Automatic Switchboard System
SASSStandard Automated Sortie Scheduling System
SASSSmall Aerostat/Airship Surveillance System
SASSStudent-Athletic Scholastic Success Program (Phoenix College, Arizona)
SASSStandardized Appointment Scheduling System
SASSStaff Action Summary Sheet
SASSSpecial Aircraft Service Store
SASSSpecial Aircraft Service Shop
SASSSchumacher Associates Secure Server