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SHHSonic Hedgehog
SHHSvenska Handelshögskolan (Swedish: Swedish School of Economics; Helsinki, Finland)
SHHSacred Heart Hospital (Allentown, Pennsylvania)
SHHSecond Harvest Heartland (est. 2001)
SHHSuper Hero Hype
SHHSupportive Housing for the Homeless (Ohio)
SHHSarah Heinz House (Pittsburgh, PA)
SHHShishmaref, Alaska (Airport Code)
SHHSonic Hedge Hog
SHHSpence Harris Hogan Associates (UK; est. 1992)
SHHHickory Shad (FAO fish species code)
SHHSyndrome of Hyporeninemic Hypoaldosteronism
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Tambien se observo la presencia de Sonic hedgehog (Shh) en las capas que constituyen el esbozo de iris en los periodos mas avanzados del desarrollo, como a las 17 dpc.
Mutations in the human Sonic Hedgehog gene cause holoprosencephaly.
Notochord repression of endodermal Sonic hedgehog permits pancreas development.
Kurita et al., "Cyclopamine decreased the expression of sonic hedgehog and its downstream genes in colon cancer stem cells," Anticancer Research, vol.
Morin et al., "Boc is a receptor for sonic hedgehog in the guidance of commissural axons," Nature, vol.
Sonic Hedgehog carried by microparticles corrects endothelial injury through nitric oxide release.
At the outset, Hsu and Fuchs suspected a role for both the TACs and for Sonic Hedgehog in hair regeneration.
Further studies showed that, surprisingly, none of the cells in the most advanced, invasive carcinomas in the BNN-treated animals expressed sonic hedgehog - despite the fact that only sonic-hedgehog-expressing cells are able to give rise to the earlier stages of bladder cancer.
It's such a big-deal molecule that mammals have three versions, the most famous called sonic hedgehog.
Novel compounds such as inhibitors of the sonic hedgehog or the Notch pathway are under clinical investigation.
Alvarez-Buylla and colleagues discovered that sonic hedgehog (Shh) signaling occurs in the ventral portion of the subventricular zone and is associated with the production of specific types of neurons.