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What Sorbian authors have been influential in your literary development?
Brezan, like all Sorbians, grew up bilingually -- German and Sorbian -- and is now recognized as the voice for Sorbian identity and proponent of Sorbian language and literature.
Maintenance, basic and glass cleaning of the Sorbian school and community center Bautzen, Friedrich-List-StraE-e 8, 02625 Bautzen.
La lamia, por su parte, en la mitologia griega antigua era <<un monstruo femenino del cual se decia que robaba a los ninos y las amas lo utilizaban para asustarlos>>; <<se llamaban tambien Lamias unos genios femeninos que, agarrandose a las personas jovenes, les sorbian la sangre>> (GRIMAL, Pierre.
Lukasz Sorbian, Marketing Director, 48 81 852 67 00, lukasz.
Both Sorbian and Low German have a long history in Germany, which has largely been a history of decline, though some efforts have been made to reverse the process.
And Jeroen Darquennes, in a chapter on minorities, language politics and language planning, points out that the ubiquity of borrowing from English is complicating the task of codifying and elaborating minority languages such as Frisian, Basque and Sorbian (p.
Jose Manuel Perez Sarmiento y Enrique Olaya Herrera editaron El Comercio, diario en el que invitaron a Soto Borda como colaborador permanente y el les dio la columna Notas al Vuelo, que los lectores sorbian, asi como cronicas y notas.
One of the most interesting hidden chapters of modern German history remains the story of the Sorbian communities of Upper and Lower Lusatia (Ober- and Niederlausitz) in the former East German states of Saxony and Brandenburg.
In the area around Cottbus/Chosebus south of Berlin, the Low Sorbian language is officially recognized, but the reality is one of language decay and partly language death.
1% (made up largely of Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish); Danish minority in the north, Sorbian (Slavic) minority in the east.