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SORNStatutory Off Road Notification
SORNStatutory Off Road Notification (UK government Driver and Vehicle Licencing Centre, DVLC)
SORNSystem of Records Notice
SORNStatutory Off Road Notice (UK)
SORNScottish Outdoor Recreation Network (UK)
SORNStandard Organization & Regulations of the Navy (USA)
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There are 23,166 Austin Minis still registered in the UK and 15,416 (67 per cent) are on a SORN along with 28,813 Rover Minis registered and 16,810 (58 per cent) carrying a SORN.
Srey Viseth Horm, [1] San Sorn, [1] Lotfi Allal, and Philippe Buchy
It is not surprising, therefore, that the public's impression of sex offender dangerousness, when catalyzed by a few gruesome and headline-grabbing crimes in the late 1980s and early 1990s, produced the first SORN laws, which in turn led to the federal acts that extended SORN laws nationwide.
However, this has changed and you are no longer allowed to keep an uninsured vehicle unless your car is declared SORN.
Now age 43, Sorn was only nine years-old when she was separated from her family and relocated to a commune, where children were forced to carry water to canals and fix potholes.
Since this is how DVLA operates, I cannot accept Mr Kirwan''s view on SORN, and advise him to ditch cynical speculation and stick to the facts in future.
Milk samples from buyers including Claymore, Dairy Crest, Dairy Farmers of Britain, First Milk, Grahams, Milk Link, Orkney, Quothquan, Sorn, Westlake Dairy Park and Wisemans will be tested at Hillington.
With deep concern for the welfare of his poorer subjects, in August 1979 His Majesty established his first up-country venture, the Khao Hin Sorn Royal Development Study Center (RDSC), at Phanom Sarakam, in Chachoengsao Province, about 100 km east of Bangkok.
For Arla'a initial processing contract with Asda, Scottish milk will be sourced for Lockerbie from Sorn Milk, a member of Arla Foods Milk Partnership.
Young Sorn Anuchit Saphanphong Old Sorn Adul Dulyarat Chore Arratee Tanmahapran Im Khun Narongrit Tosa-nga Lt.
Ouk Sorn, 67, a farmer from the eastern province of Svay Rieng, near the country's border with Vietnam, said she was very happy to see Angkor Wat.