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SORNASex Offender Registration and Notification Act (US Department of Justice)
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yo me doy por bien desnudo de tu bandolera sorna; acuestala, mas no entierres la desnudez que ocasionas.
Macy), and his wife, Amanda (Tea Leoni), to guide an aerial tour of Isla Sorna, the so-called Site B (and setting for "The Lost World"), where InGen secretly bred the dinos and where they've been on the loose for almost a decade.
With their son among those missing, Paul and Amanda Kirby (William H Macy and Tea Leoni) trick Dr Alan Grant - Sam Neill, reprising his Indiana Jones-style role from the original JP - into flying over Isla Sorna.
Grant is asked to give a wealthy couple an aerial tour of Isla Sorna, in exchange of obtaining funding for his research.
State lawmakers have enacted some 250 bills related to SORNA since 2007, but to date only Delaware, Florida, Ohio, South Dakota and two tribes have met "substanial implementation" standards.
Jesus Reyes Heroles, entonces secretario de Educacion, contaba con sorna que le consultaron a quien queria de contralor en la SEP.
CHILLICOTHE, OH Mildred Josephine (Sorna) Beadle, age 86.
On October 3 the Senate Prosecutor Caucus formed by Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) met for a roundtable discussion on state implementation of SORNA, the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act.
In the latest sequel, paleontologist Dr Alan Grant (Sam Neill) is persuaded by a wealthy adventurer and his wife to join an aerial tour of the infamous Aila Sorna. But when the plane crashes, he discovers the couple's real mission is to find their lost 14-year-old son.
He's tricked into flying over the dino breeding ground of Isla Sorna by a wealthy couple (William H Macy and Tea Leoni) whose son is trapped there.
Anxious to raise funds for his research into Velociraptor intelligence, he agrees to accompany a wealthy adventurer and his wife on an aerial tour of Isla Sorna, the dinosaur's breeding ground.
Magistrales en la asimilacion de las esteticas tradicionales-tanto ancestrales como socialistas- y con lenguajes contemporaneos, los pintores han creado inquietantes discursos que vinculan lo finito y lo infinito a traves de la sorna, el hieratismo, la belleza, el kitsch y el pastiche.