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SFYLSorry for Your Loss (band)
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One message taped to a bouquet of flowers stated: "We are sorry for your loss.
So sorry for your loss, so sad thinking of you all, with all our prayers and thoughts xxxx" and "OMG so sorry for your loss thinking of you allll xxxxxx".
One said: "We're all devastated to see what's happened to the Ffarmers and are so sorry for your loss.
Gayle Burns Fleming commented: "So sorry for your loss and I hope that you find a job, young man.
Still, I must say, with all of my heart, that I am so sorry for your loss.
So sorry for your loss and I pray you all have the strength you need to get though this, sending love.
I can't even begin to think what his family are feeling now - so so sad - I am truly sorry for your loss and our thoughts are of you all.
Lisa Haigh said: "Brett, I'm so sorry for your loss.
Julie Anne Porter added: "I am so very sorry for your loss.
Anderson, we're very sorry for your loss, and we agree that a sign alerting hunters to the use of Conihears is a good idea.
Judge Richard Parkes told Ms Griffiths, of Crewe, Cheshire: "It's a terrible tragedy and I'm sorry for your loss.
Kirk Woodend: As a close protection officer i had a chance to look after Peaches and i must say you were a beautiful young lady and thank you for the plessure of meeting you RIP Peaches X Joy Lyons: Feel in my heart for her two children and her poor dad Nita Dixon: god bless you, you beautiful lady, so sorry for your loss of a young daughter bob , peaches hubby & her children xxx Marie Louise Wells Read: R.