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SORYSuomen Off Road Yhdistys (Finnish: Finnish Off Road Association; organizaes off-road activities and competitions)
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And it is in Africa that she once again uses a relationship with a man to gain "true" access to a place, believing that Ibrahima Sory can render her whole as well as make her feel at home.
Nalla Abdoul Aziz Ndiaye Sory Ibrahima Mbaye Andre Moustapha Gueye Malaw Mohamed Ndao Isseu Seynabou Sarr (Wolof, French dialogue)
WASHINGTON -- A focus on specific diseases and patient needs can improve care and reduce costs to Medicaid by keeping patients healthier and out of hospitals, John Sory said at a meeting sponsored by the Center for Health Transformation.
Sory Cassama, who lived in the building with his wife and 12 children, said he was asleep when a daughter knocked on the door.
Sory Cassama, who lived there with his wife and 12 children, said: "There was so much smoke in the stairwell but we were still able to get out
The women, Syafrida and Soraya, were taken hostage along with reporter Sory Ersa Siregar and cameraman Ferry Santoro of the Jakarta-based television channel Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI) and their driver on June 29 last year.
I am very sory to knowe and here, how unreverently that moste precious juel the worde of God is disputed, rymed, sung and jangeled in every Alehouse and Taverne, contrary to the true meanings and doctrine of the same.
Besides being digital, the phone can work on the analog network with an acces- sory called the Nokia PLUS module, which weighs about 2 ounces.
Save this londe from all myschaunce, And graunte us grace ever to do weele, And fle from every sory chaunce Of Fortune refe that schal turne hur wele.
The repeated characterizations of herself as other comprise an attempt at disguise, yet the subject remains aware of her sense of internal division; she seeks the unification of both her cultural and subjective roles through the mediation of a physical relationship with Ibrahima Sory, the Minister of the Interior, who functions both as a reflection of the father, the patriarchal authority of the mandingo marabout, as well as the personification of an already consolidated African Other.
As I listen to the rain fall in Bosavi, even while writing this, I like to imagine that merely by entering into an embodied relation with those sounds I can, for a moment, gain a sory of purity, impossible in the discursive worlds academics are paid to spend too much time in.
We express our sincerest gratitude to the European Union and the UK government for their continued and unfailing support, said WFP Representative and Country Director in Niger, Sory Ouane.