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SOSESchool of Science and Engineering (various schools)
SOSEStudies of Society and Environment
SOSESons of Straight Edge (Liferuiner song)
SOSESystem-Of-Systems Engineering
SOSESommer-Semester (German: Summer Semester)
SOSESpecial Operations Staff Element
SOSESpecial Operations Support Element
SOSESave Often, Save Early
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Ian's background is as a secondary school teacher of Geography, SOSE and English.
The packaging is imaginative--a 16-ounce can with abstract portraits of Jeppe and Phil, playing off the "Keyser Sose" film reference in the "Geyser Gose" brand name.
Four of the students had non-science majors [for example, studies of society and environment (SOSE) and environment management (EM)].
When we planned our initial integrated curriculum in 1983 at Apollo Parkways Public School, we made no apology for the fact that it was heavily biased towards Social Education--Studies of Society and Environment a (SOSE) as it was known then--with some health and science units also included for balance.
[27] Lei Yin, Jin Zeng and Bo Li, CTPV: A cloud testing platform based on virtualization" In IEEE 7th International Symposium on SOSE, pp 425-428, 2013
She teaches English and SOSE and is always on the lookout for novels that are engaging and real.
"BFEP is a great program that I've really taken advantage of," says Sose Vartarian, who participated in the program as a BFEP integrity engineer.
They're moderating work now as a team, so that's really helped because we've got, the teams are made up of people with different backgrounds, like some maths teachers, some science teachers, some SOSE teachers, etc, in the team.
(14) Si pensi ad esempio al decreto legislativo sulla determinazione dei fabbisogni standard di Comuni, Citta metropolitano e Province il quale non definisce i fabbisogni standard nc tantomeno disciplina il procedimento per la loro determinazione, ma affida questi compiti alia Sose S.p.A.
Setala (1902 : 222) was probably the first to connect sato 'harvest' with sataa rain, and he suggested that the Finnic word is cognate with SaaN cuohcit get stuck (of fish in a net); have an effect on, MdE caco-, MariE soca- 'be born; grow, yield harvest', Komi cuz- 'be born; grow', Udm cizi-vizi 'relative' and KhN sose 'local, native'.