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SOTERGlobal and National Soils and Terrain Digital Database
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However, just as cultural, racial, and ethnic subjectivities can enrich literary responses, so too can they curtail them (Sipe, 2008; Soter, 1997).
Tony Soter evinces a focused and determined path, executed over several years and stages with wife Michelle and their two children.
An example of metaphor in a poem: The clock's ticking, she says, voice rising on the last morpheme, the 'ing'--strident punctuation, fear of forty, the magic marker, calling us to wrap them up, those dreams of motherhood (From After images, unpublished poem, Soter, 2012) Table 2.
Her work meets the criteria of an 'aesthetic response to literature' explicated by Soter et al.
In addition, the Soter system will allow for lower-cost future roof maintenance as it provides easier access for works such as gutter cleaning, roof-light cleaning and lightning protection maintenance.
Aimed at both the customs and prisons services, the Soter RS is part of the 'behind the scenes' security effort.
Some historians believe that the city was founded in 281 BC by Antiochus I Soter and named in honor of his stepmother and subsequent wife, Stratonice.
It was long ago but he rode his chair Into the abyss of memory, his seat Now soter with gentle pitch, no yaw And barely a roll as he closed his eyes, Seeking to intercept the azimuth.
But lawyer Gary Soter insisted that there was no truth in the report.
I will argue here that the crocodile was specifically selected for Cleopatra Selene by Cleopatra VII, and that this selection was intended to recall a significant event that occurred at the foundation of the Ptolemaic dynasty, and comprised part of a wider strategy of reconstituting the empire of Ptolemy I Soter and Ptolemy II Philadelphos.