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SouSouthern (railroad)
SouState of the Union
SouSense of Urgency
SouSouthern Oregon University
SouStatens Offentliga Utredningar (Swedish: National Public Inquiries)
SouStatement of Understanding
SouShadows of Undrentide (computer game)
SouStredniho Odborneho Uciliste (Czech: Secondary Vocational School)
SouSpecial Operations Unit (law enforcement)
SouSound Data
SouSouthampton, England, United Kingdom - Eastleigh (Airport Code)
SouSole-Occupancy Unit
SouService Orientation Universitaire (French: Service Orientation University; University of Liège; Belgium)
SouSouthampton Canoe Club (UK)
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He also witnessed professional skills of soldiers of SOU during his visit.
BOLI spokesman Charlie Burr said the $1.5 million check was signed by SOU, but he didn't know if the entire amount came from the university, or if the contractors and subcontractors contributed to the total.
The court heard how Sou preyed on the woman, who cannot be named, after he saw her having a cigarette outside the house in south Liverpool.
The revision follows the university's recent decision to remove a 20-year-old woman with Down syndrome from an SOU art class.
B-mode standardized orbital ultrasonography (SOU) demonstrated a large echolucent space that was encompassed by an echodense area, representing an abscess between the medial rectus muscle and the defective lamina papyracea (figure 2).
But Alec Sou hopes the Aloun Farms brand will one day be as recognizable as Dole and Dei Monte.
9.10: A & M Halliday (Sou); R Kennedy & D Walker (Sou).
UO Provost Jim Bean said allowing students who qualify for admission at the UO to start college at SOU would address the sharp growth in applications to the Eugene campus that is taxing classrooms and the faculty.
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