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SouSouthern (railroad)
SouState of the Union
SouSense of Urgency
SouSouthern Oregon University
SouStatens Offentliga Utredningar (Swedish: National Public Inquiries)
SouStatement of Understanding
SouShadows of Undrentide (computer game)
SouStredniho Odborneho Uciliste (Czech: Secondary Vocational School)
SouSpecial Operations Unit (law enforcement)
SouSound Data
SouSouthampton, England, United Kingdom - Eastleigh (Airport Code)
SouSole-Occupancy Unit
SouService Orientation Universitaire (French: Service Orientation University; University of Liège; Belgium)
SouSouthampton Canoe Club (UK)
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Asked if SOU or the contractors were paying the settlement money, SOU spokesman Ryan Brown sent an emailed statement saying: "Though SOU disagreed with BOLI's conclusion that additional wages were owed on the project, due to the time and cost of litigating the dispute, the SOU administration concluded that it was in the best interest of all involved to mutually resolve the dispute.
The court heard how Sou preyed on the woman, who cannot be named, after he saw her having a cigarette outside the house in south Liverpool.
Ashland resident Deb Evans says the revised policy appears to be designed to exclude people with intellectual disabilities, including her daughter, Eliza Schaaf, who has been in the media spotlight since SOU dropped her from a ceramics course last fall because she needed "excessive supervision.
The global, cyst-like structure of the orbit is very amenable to SOU imaging.
Sou has already expanded his family's farm from its humble five-acre beginnings in Waianae to the current 1,640 acres stretching across the dry Ewa plain.
Enrollment at SOU rose 5 percent this year to 5,082 students, but that's still well below its peak of 5,751 in 1999.
Ce n'est pas un nouveau metier pour Google, qui a sorti de nombreux objets sous sa marque ces dernieres annees : des tablettes, ordinateurs portables, dongles,un routeur design,des objets connectes via sa filiale Nest, etbientot un casque de realite virtuelle (le projet Daydream).
And the sous chef needs to be able to keep their cool more than most.
En fait, si l'entreprise veut externaliser un service, ses salaries doivent passer sous la responsabilite juridique du sous-traitant.
Le 4 Aout : Marcel Khalifa avec l'Orchestre symphonique tunisien sous la direction du Maestro Hafedh Makni