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SPVSpecial Purpose Vehicle
SPVSpecial Purpose Vehicle (financial)
SPVSenior Vice President
SPVSweet Potato Vine
SPVSampler Performance Validation
SPVSmart Phone Video
SPVSound Pictures and Video
SPVSpecific Volume
SPVSapeur-Pompier Volontaire (French: Volunteer Firefighter)
SPVStandard Presumptive Value (vehicles)
SPVSpectrum Pursuit Vehicle (toy)
SPVSolar Photo-Voltaic
SPVSurface Photovoltage
SPVSingle Point Vulnerability (nuclear safety; various organizations)
SPVService de La Protection des Végétaux (French: Plant Protection Service)
SPVSound Pictures Video (Orange Smartphone)
SPVSubsistence Prime Vendor (dining services contractor)
SPVSociété Pédagogique Vaudoise (French: Vaudoise Educational Society; Switzerland; est. 1856)
SPVSon Photo Vidéo (French: Sound, Picture, Video; Orange smartphone)
SPVSpatial Performance Visualization (wireless networking)
SPVSpecial Purpose Visa
SPVSpecialist, Transport Airman (US DoD)
SPVService de Préparation à la Vie (French: Preparation for Life Service; Canada)
SPVSystem Performance Verification
SPVScald Protection Valve (Speakman Company)
SPVSpecial Purpose Venture (investment)
SPVSouth Polar Vortex
SPVSchweizerischer Podologenverband
SPVSpace Position Value
SPVSelf Piloted Vehicle
SPVState Probability Vector
SPVSemantics-Preserving Variation
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The SPV - which stands for Sound Pictures Video - combines a version of the Microsoft Pocket PC operating system, colour, speed and exciting applications such as full web access (HTML and WAP colour browsing), easy-to-use wire-free email and instant messaging - all on a small, stylish mobile handset.
The SPV - which stands for Sound Pictures Video - is a new class of mobile phone that combines high-resolution colour, speed and applications such as full web access, easy-to-use wirefree e-mail and instant messaging, all on a small, stylish mobile handset.