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SOHSound of Hope (radio network)
SOHSense Of Humor (used in personal ads)
SOHSave Our Homes (Amendment)
SOHSafety and Occupational Health (USACE)
SOHSouth of Heaven
SOHSection Overhead
SOHStatement of Health
SOHSystematized Organizational Hardware
SOHSystem Overhead
SOHSecretary of Housing (US)
SOHSection Overhead (SONET)
SOHSydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia)
SOHSociety of Homeopaths
SOHState Of Health
SOHStart of Heading
SOHSoldiers of Heaven
SOHSnyder's of Hanover (bakery)
SOHSecretariat of Health
SOHStart Of Header
SOHSome Old Hippie
SOHSit on Hands
SOHStock On Hand
SOHSchool of Hospitality (various locations)
SOHSentara Obici Hospital (Suffolk, VA)
SOHStraits of Hormuz
SOHSignal Overhead (SONET)
SOHSoldiers of Honor (gaming)
SOHSons of Hodir (World of Warcraft)
SOHSurvivors of Homicide
SOHStaff Officer's Handbook (various organizations)
SOHSiege of Hate (band)
SOHSports Olympiques de Houilles (French: Houilles Olympic Sports; sports club; est. 1929)
SOHShores of Hazeron (game)
SOHScientific Observation Hole
SOHStart of Overhaul
SOHStoughton Opera House (Stoughton, WI)
SOHSaviors of Humor (gaming clan)
SOHSignificant Other Half
SOHSpace on Hire (India)
SOHSaints of Hell
SOHSine is Opposite divided by Hypotenuse (trigonometry)
SOHSo Over Him/Her
SOHSepia Officinalis Hemocyanin
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THE SOUND OF HOPE Clockwise from top: The kids of Pundaquit Virtuosi orchestra with (middle) Maestro Ruggiero Barbieri and Amb.
The Falun Gong station 'The Sound of Hope' is based in San Francisco but has been making short-wave Chinese-language programs aimed at China for a decade, according to CNA.
"A sound of hope, a sound of peace, a sound that celebrates and speaks what we believe.
There is no sound of hope as in the beating of heart for that which touches our desire.
But, a third party sought to get involved — Sound of Hope Radio —and in September 2014 the FCC determined that the three applicants were equally qualifiedandprovided 90 days to negotiate and submit a time-share agreement and/or to eliminate their mutual exclusivity by major amendments to their technical proposals.
The Chinese government jams or interferes with broadcasts of the Voice of America, the US Government funded Radio Free Asia, and other shortwave stations such as the Sound of Hope and the Voice of Tibet that China apparently deems "dangerous" for their citizens to hear.
Despite some of the critical turns of verse, the poems always return to the sound of hope and victory.
Anne Bauer; THE SOUND OF HOPE: A TRUE STORY OF AN ADOPTEE'S QUEST FOR HER ORIGINS; iUniverse (Biographies and Memoirs) $21.95 ISBN: 9780595520305
She has the quality that Edith Piaf and Amelia Rodriguez have - the sound of hope over adversity.
The day after Leung's murder, an anonymous caller to the worldwide Sound of Hope radio said, "You want to know who killed Allen Leung?
IT WAS the sound of hope. The urgent tone of the bleeper, which Kayley Keir carries with her at all times, meant a new heart and lung waited in London.
That song is typical of the sound of Hope of the States, unashamedly anthemic, yet squeezed into a ramshackle pop jacket and with a bounce and verve lacking in so many other bands around at the moment.