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The total dielectric isolation of the channel in the UTBB FD-SOI creates lower gate and source/drain capacitance.
imec said its results, with regard to ultralow contact resistivity, are important in light of further downscaling of the CMOS source/ drain contact area, which is challenged by a parasitic source/drain resistance that results in suboptimal transistor functioning.
Rengel, "RF dynamic and noise performance of Metallic Source/Drain SOI n-MOSFETs," Solid-State Electronics, vol.
Tucker, "Sub-50-nm PtSi Schottky source/drain p-MOSFETs," in 56th Annual Device Research Conference Digest (Cat.
Nevertheless, no study has been carried out on electrodes (source/drain) fabrication which needs specific thickness and grain structure in nanodevices, for example, in the growth of carbon nanotube as channel between the electrodes (source/drain).
Standard regrown source/drain MOSFETs only have one high-k layer between the gate metal and the source/drain, which forms high parasitic capacitances [C.sub.gs] and [C.sub.gd] according to C = [[epsilon].sub.0][epsilon]/t, prohibiting the device from attaining high frequency performance.
Thus, the control of the number of growing fruits and the ideal time for pruning are considered useful measures to control the source/drain relation and the balance of assimilates among vegetative organs and fruits in a profitable harvest (Peil & Galvez, 2005; Duarte et al., 2008; Silva et al., 2011).
About 35 selected Papers from a May 2009 international symposium, part of the 215th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society, explores recent advances in channel, gate stack, and source/drain engineering for CMOS integrated circuit manufacturing, and describe new areas of exploration that are adding functionality to conventional CMOS devices.
The voltage dependence of the source/drain to bulk capacitances in a bulk MOSFET is dependent on the exact manufacturing conditions for that MOSFET However, because the source/drain nodes of the bulk MOSFET are reversed biased PN diodes, the capacitance increases as the voltage decreases.
Caption: FIGURE 5: IDS -VGS electrical characteristic of a fabricated Si TFET at 300 K and 1.7 K, for three different source/drain VDS bias.
Starting with the silicon wafer material itself, the book covers various aspects of the device from advanced gate dielectrics through source/drain engineering, and ends with a summary on fully silicided gates.