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Sources of occupational stress to the Kuwaitis and Egyptian teachers in secondary schools in Kuwait.
These interviews revealed that, the young and less experienced female academic staff complained more about their advancement in higher education as one of their main sources of occupational stresses. They compared themselves to the older and more experienced female academic staff with higher educational degrees like Ph.D.
However, both of them clearly stated that they feel and perceive occupational stresses of their job, but both made it clear that one of their main sources of occupational stresses in their job is attributed to educational advancement (in case of young female academic staff) or academic status (in case of older female academic staff).
Some of the more salient sources of occupational stress in urban transit operation include: negative social interaction with passengers (Bartone, 1989; Duffy & McGoldrick, 1990), incessant time pressure and tightly planned time schedules (Gardell, 1987; Reimann, 1980), and traffic congestion (Aronsson & Rissler, 1988; Evans & Carrere, 1991).
The researcher wants to ascertain the sources of occupational stress for the primary school teachers and to determine the more prevalent ones.
The concern is if male or female teachers perceive sources of occupational stress differently.
What are the sources of occupational stress among primary school teachers in Delta State?
There is no significant difference between male and female teachers' sources of occupational stress.
* Differences in the sources of occupational stress experienced by primary school teachers based on age.
Identifying sources of occupational stress among dentists.
The more we can identify the sources of occupational stresses in dance, from injuries to serious eating disorders, the better prepared we'll be to attack these problems.