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SAPASouth African Press Association
SAPASocietà in Accomandita Per Azioni (Italy)
SAPASmall Animal Practitioners Association
SAPASolidarity for Asian People's Advocacy (Thailand)
SAPASecond Amendment Protection Act (US Constitution)
SAPASociety of Army Physician Assistants
SAPASaint Paul's Church National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
SAPASoutheastern Advertising Publishers Association
SAPASouth Asia Peace Alliance (India; est. 2006)
SAPASouthern Association for Performance Arts
SAPASecretary of the Army, Public Affairs
SAPASimplified Aircraft-Based Paired Approach (US NASA)
SAPASlide and Photographic Archives (Smithsonian Institute)
SAPAStonewall Antique Power Association
SAPASouth African Pigeon Association (South Africa)
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The ministers of health and defense also visited, the South African Press Association reported.
According to the South African Press Association, the airline's CEO, Chris Smyth, said his airline could not resolve the issues alone and quoted him as saying: "SAA has neither the capability nor the mandate for broader policing and security matters and we have requested assistance via the task team.
Botha died at home, peacefully," security guard Frikkie Lucas said, according to the South African Press Association.
According to the South African Press Association, witnesses said the man passed out whilst attempting to position wheel chocks on the Boeing 747.
The South African Press Association (SAPA) reported last week that the East Japan Railway Company (EJRC), which operates train lines in the greater metropolitan area of Tokyo, will test newly developed fuel cell-powered trains in July.
Volkswagen AG, PSA Peugeot Citroen and DaimlerChrysler AG -- have denied the allegation, according to a South African Press Association report, citing comments by a senior industry official.
Ernest Kenoshi of Pretoria Academic Hospital told the South African Press Association.
ITEM: At a Franco-African summit, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe "told French radio he 'felt at home' in Paris and praised French President Jacques Chirac for inviting him," reported the South African Press Association on February 21st.
South African Press Association, via Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 16 January 2002/Gender-AIDS, 31 January 2002.
Stadium officials said the police response was a "total over-reaction", the South African Press Association reported.
His discharge was "particularly heartening because it flies in the face of those who have been busy spreading lies that he was in a 'vegetative state' and just waiting for his support machines to be switched off," the South African Press Association quoted Mandla Mandela as saying.
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