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SSERNSouth-Southeastern (weather reports)
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All of them headed in the same south-southeastern direction.
eastern border and a more distant one off its south-southeastern side.
The slightly washed-out grey planetary nebula revealed a more defined south-southeastern side.
The market, consisting of the greater Sao Paulo metropolitan area and, eventually, the south-southeastern region of Brazil, is large and growing; this region is Brazil's richest and most industrialized.
One faint star dwells within the cluster's south-southeastern edge, and a couple more are intermittently visible.
A 10th-magnitude star hugs the nebula's south-southeastern edge, and an 8th-magnitude star dwells 3.
Eastern Daylight Time), when the Moon's south-southeastern limb will be a quarter of a lunar diameter away from the unseen edge of Earth's umbra.
A star is pinned to the galaxy's western flank, and a fainter one is affixed to its south-southeastern tip.
A denser patch of stars decorates the cluster's northwestern edge, and a 6th-magnitude star pins its south-southeastern rim.
Near the south-southeastern edge of NGC 6883, Ruprecht 172 is an unremarkable bit of fluff", perhaps 5' in diameter, pocked by two moderately faint stars and rimmed by several more.
1-inch) refractor at 87x, M53 is roughly 8' across, with two field stars watching its south-southeastern side.
Its faint oval glow has a small brighter core and a dim star off its south-southeastern tip.