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SSWRNSouth-Southwestern (weather reports)
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The Allied Forces have now stopped being on the defensive and are preparing to start wide-scale assault in South-Southwestern Aleppo and facts as such do not cease to exist just because they are being ignored by some desperate propagandists:
The larger scope even teases out part of NGC 3190's dust lane, worn like a dusky ribbon upon the galaxy's south-southwestern flank.
Katsumi Haseda, 57, photographed the nova on Friday northeast of the center of the constellation in the south-southwestern sky.
Through my 130-mm refractor at 23x, the cluster's grainy haze is about 5' across, with a red-orange star at its south-southwestern edge.
At 115x four stars arc across the haze, two in the south-southwestern edge, one at the center, and one in the northern edge.
The star will be about 25[degrees] up in the south-southwestern sky.
At 122x it becomes a tiny nebula with a star on its south-southwestern edge.
A fourth star appears on the south-southwestern edge of the nebula.
Observers with large telescopes have noted that Abell 2 appears vaguely annular, and that it sports a 15th-magnitude star on its south-southwestern edge.
The Haemus Mountains are a striated chain of lumpy hills marking the south-southwestern border of the Serenitatis basin.
This is a great time to appreciate the full span of the so-called "summer" Milky Way, stretching from the south-southwestern horizon up and over to the northeast.
The planet will skim just inside the Sun's south-southwestern limb, as shown in the inset diagram.