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SRDISoil Resources Development Institute (est. 1983; Ministry of Agriculture; Bangladesh)
SRDIShared Resource Distributed Index
SRDISecurity Relevant Data Items
SRDISouthern Rural Development Initiative (Raleigh, NC)
SRDISpecial Response Diver International (Blaine, WA)
SRDISelf Report Delinquency Inventory (psychology)
SRDISecurity Relevant Data Item
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Southern Rural Development Initiative. The Pattern of United States Department of Agriculture Policy 6.
Department of Agriculture policy and funding in rural America, see Southern Rural Development Initiative, June 2007.
A study of the 1998 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data for Alabama, Arkansas and South Carolina by the Southern Rural Development Initiative shows that families in the region's minority, low-income and rural communities are increasingly turning to high-interest "sub-prime" lenders to buy a home.
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