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SOZSlovenska Oglasevalska Zbornica (Slovenian: Slovenian Chamber of Advertising)
SOZSpirit of Zopilote (trawler)
SOZSerum Opsonized Zymozan
SOZSmall Occluded Zones
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fikrasi geregi uye olmak isteyen devletin basvurusu Genel Kurul'da oylamaya sunulur ve 2/3 cogunlugun olumlu oy kullanmasi ile soz konusu devlet uyelige kabul edilir.
Targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led union government, Soz said relationships cannot be established with haters.
"He can cause death of any person or destroy any property or do anything he likes to do at the spur of the moment in which he feels any harm is going to come to his/her," Professor Soz said.
Soz was quoted as, "The statement [by Musharraf] was true then and remains true now also.
Bunun anlami yalnizca uluslararasi standartlari yakalamis bir yayin organi olmanin da otesinde uluslararasi akademik cevrelerde soz sahibi olan arastirma platformlarinda katki saglayici bir varlik gostermektir.
Soz to tell you this, Roman, but she has a boyfriend.
Background: To study the characters of high-frequency oscillations (HFOs) in the seizure onset zones (SOZ) and the nonseizure onset zones (NSOZ) in the electrocorticography (ECoG) of patients with neocortical epilepsy.
Congress spokesman Salman Anees Soz described it as shameful.
Soz konusu hayat deneyimleri eril yapilandirilmis hukuk teorisi ve eril odakli hukuk egitimi tarafindan baskilanmis ve ikincillestirilmistir.
"Those who seek a debate on the Article 370 of the Constitution of India are making a basic mistake of not appreciating the fact that this article is an integral part of the basic structure of the constitution of India and it can neither be amended nor abrogated by any authority in India, unless the people of J&K themselves want it," JKPCC president Saifuddin Soz said in a statement here.
Medeu District Court in Almaty ruled to ban the publication of the Assandi-Times newspaper in Kazakhstan, Novosti-Kazakhstan reported April 2 citing the International Fund for Protection of Freedom of Speech Adil Soz.