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SOPSSide Occupant Protection System
SOPSSpace Operations
SOPSSchool of Photography Singapore
SOPSStructured Organic Particulate Systems
SOPSSingapore Offshore Petroleum Services (Singapore)
SOPSSatellite Operations Squadron (USAF)
SOPSSpecial Operations Power Sources
SOPSStochastic Optimization in Policy Space
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(35.) AFDD 2-2, Space Operations, describes the position of director of space forces; JP 3-14, Space Operations, addresses space coordination authority; and JP 0-2, Unified Action Armed Forces, 10 July 2001, examines coordination authority.
Commercial aerospace company Astrotech Corporation (NASDAQ:ASTC) disclosed on Wednesday that it has received the approval of about 75% of its outstanding shares to sell most of the properties and assets related to or used in the Astrotech Space Operations business unit for USD61m, to a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation.
In the end, this avant-garde work demands a sequel or two: How did the nature of Sat C2 change with the dramatic shift of operations during the 1980s from the cramped Satellite Test Center in Sunnyvale to the sprawling Consolidated Space Operations Center (now Schriever AFB) east of Colorado Springs?
If properly guided with the same imagination and vision as its creators and those who nurtured its development-explorers in the tradition of Lindbergh and Earhart, innovators such as Curtiss and Northrop, warriors like Rickenbacker and Chennault, and great leaders such as Andrews, Arnold, Lemay, and Jumper--the second century of flight, now to include space operations, will most assuredly advance the peaceful and productive interactions of nations, continue to deter of destroy the threatening and tyrannical, and provide for the benefit of all humankind.
If we properly define cyberspace, codify valid doctrine, and establish effective organizations, this domain may help take joint integration of air, land, sea, and space operations to the next level.
John and I created Project "Eyes" in our Air Force under General Ron Keys (Deputy Chief of Staff for Air and Space Operations).
Jen Thielke and Dennis Fagnant, 4th Space Operations Squadron, and Staff Sgt.
In its revised treatment of air and space operations centers, AFDD 2 now touches on air-mobility and space-operations centers, organization, and processes.
Creation of the director of space forces (DIRSPACEFOR) position, a recent effort to integrate space operations more closely with those of other forces, marks a relatively small organizational change.
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