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STTPSyndicat des Travailleurs et Travailleuses des Postes (Canadian Union of Postal Workers)
STTPSpeak Truth to Power (Quaker saying)
STTPShort Term Training Program
STTPStraight To the Point
STTPsodium tripoly phosphate
STTPSource-Term Test Program
STTPSolar Terrestrial Theory Program
STTPSuper Turbo Tango Patcher (Windows OS Icon Patcher)
STTPSuper Turbo Turkey Puncher (minigame inside Doom 3)
STTPSouthend Teacher Training Partnership (Essex, England)
STTPSpace Technology Training Program
STTPStrategy to Task to Technology Process/Panel
STTPSpace-Time Transmit Pre-Coding
STTPSoftware Technology Training Program
STTPSmall Technology Transfer Program (small business)
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