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SSPSSpeed Sensing Power Steering
SSPSStrathfield South Public School (Australia)
SSPSHoly Spirit Missionary Sisters (religious order)
SSPSSouthern Sudan Police Service
SSPSSchool of Social and Political Sciences
SSPSSolid State Protection System
SSPSSociety of Sago Palm Studies (Japan)
SSPSSocial Service Payment System
SSPSSocial Science and Policy Studies (Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Worcester, MA)
SSPSSpeed Sensitive Power-assisted Steering
SSPSScottish Standard Payroll System
SSPSStanford Society of Physician Scholars (Stanford University School of Medicine; Stanford, CA)
SSPSSky Survey Prototype System
SSPSSpace-Based Solar Power System (proposed energy solution)
SSPSSolar System Positioning System (astronomy)
SSPSSubcarrier Signal-Point Sequence
SSPSSoftware Standards and Procedures Specification (International Space Station)
SSPSSatellite Solar Power Satellite (also seen as SPS; aka Solar Power Satellite)
SSPSSummer Study at Penn State
SSPSSans Souci Public School (Australia)
SSPSSingle Sound Per Symbol (alphabet)
SSPSState Security & Protective Services Australia Pty Ltd
SSPSScottish Surgical Paediatric Society
SSPSSilver Stream Public School (Canada)
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Both firms together will develop the scientific and technological innovations necessary to enable a space-based solar power system capable of generating electric power at cost parity with grid-connected fossil fuel power plants.
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