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SSCMSustainable Supply Chain Management
SSCMSurround Source Code Management
SSCMSocial Services Case Manager (Georgia)
SSCMSisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius (Danville, PA)
SSCMSociety for Seventeenth Century Music
SSCMSite-Specific Crop Management (agriculture)
SSCMServants of the Holy Heart of Mary (religious order)
SSCMSociety of Critical Care Medicine
SSCMSimultaneous Source Control Managers
SSCMSpace Station Change Memo
SSCMStrategic Supply Chain Manager
SSCMSurround Source Code Management (software)
SSCMSpacecraft Scheduling and Command Management
SSCMSQL (Structured Query Language) Server Configuration Manager (software)
SSCMStandard Squirrel Cage Motor
SSCMSplit Spinal Cord Malformation
SSCMSwisssign Smart Certificate Management (SwissSign)
SSCMSoftware Support Cost Model
SSCMSolar System Centre of Mass (astronomy)
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