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SAWSiblings Are Watching (chat)
SAWSurface Acoustic Wave
SAWSpanish American War
SAWSquad Automatic Weapon
SAWSuccess at Work (various organizations)
SAWSouth Asian Women (various organizations)
SAWSchools around the World (various locations)
SAWSanta Ana Winds (California)
SAWSoldiers at War (gaming)
SAWSubmerged Arc Welding
SAWStock Aitken Waterman (production team)
SAWSub-Arctic Winter
SAWSituation Awareness
SAWSomerset Art Works (UK)
SAWSquad Assault Weapon
SAWSchizophrenia Awareness Week (mental health; various locations)
SAWStand Alone Workstation
SAWStreet Art Workers
SAWSoftware Architecture Workshop
SAWSexually Aggressive Women
SAWSpecial Agricultural Workers
SAWSchool of Advanced Warfighting
SAWSemiautomatic Assault Weapon
SAWSolar Array Wing
SAWSelf-Avoiding Walk
SAWSocial Aspects of the Web (Workshop)
SAWSage After Work (Sage College of Albany; New York)
SAWService Acquisition Workshop (government service contracts)
SAWSoftware Audio Workshop
SAWStudent Action with Workers (North Carolina)
SAWSurveillance & Warning
SAWStrategic Aerospace Wing
SAWSurface-to-Air Weapon
SAWSignal Aircraft Warning
SAWSallalahu Alaihi Wasallam (Holy Prophet Muhammad)
SAWStanding Acoustic Wave (electronic component)
SAWSiebel Analytics Web
SAWSecure Access Wrapper
SAWSection Assault Weapon
SAWSuperconducting Asymmetric Wiggler
SAWStand-off Attack Weapon
SAWSpiral Arc Welding
SAWStaff Agent Workstation
SAWSupport Agency Workstation (State Farm Insurance)
SAWSecondary Application Window
SAWSports Arbitrage World (website)
SAWScreening Analysis Worksheet
SAWStaphylococcus Aureus Wood (antigen)
SAWSecurity Archive Workstation (Honeywell Vindicator Security Solutions)
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The author covers Harry TrumanAEs action in the first World War and the Spanish American War, his feelings about the Spanish Civil War and his activity during World War II, his professed lack of love for Franco, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
The work begins with the Spanish American War at the turn of the twentieth century and covers major events, including Asian and Latin American policy, world wars, the Cold War, and modern policies including anti-terrorism policies in the wake of 9/11.
Sugar and Civilization examines how sugar become such a staple in the American diet, focusing on the time between the Spanish American War to the New Deal of the 1930s.
The author attempts to bridge discrepancies in the various American, Spanish, and Cuban versions of what is known in the US as the Spanish American War, and seeks to understand how the actions of American administrations, starting with President McKinley, affected Cuba's independence.
Divided into two volumes covering the Revolutionary War through the Spanish American War and World War I through the ongoing military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, entries are arranged first chronologically by conflict and then alphabetically by subjects.