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SPARTSingle Particle Aerodynamic Relaxation Time
SPARTSelf-Propelled Accident Relief Train (India)
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[8] Rao's BRB, SPART and SPART-D from the BRB, SDMT from the BRB, TMT A and B, Modified Card Sorting Test, Semantic and Phonemic Verbal Fluency Test, and Oral Denomination Test from the Aachener Aphasia Test Till et al.
No significant relationship was observed between age and improvements in PASAT SPART I, SPART II, WLG, SDMT SRT I, or SRT II (p>0.05).
SE = b0 = b1EXP = b2 EXP 2 + b3CYEDUC + b4 HELTH + b5 PHAST + b6 SPART + ..............
Even the fictional left-wing pundit Dave Spart would have had trouble finding the words to describe the absurd and pointless gesture by Labour politicians in Birmingham who boycotted an important council meeting yesterday because they did not want to cross picket lines and break a one-day strike by local authority workers.
pitchers 'throwed' the ball with great 'spart' [spirit] ...
The table - Spart - is a 3D work, making it impossible to play on the surface.
1997 Dollar sales 1998 1997 1996 Trade class (add 000) share share share Chain drug stores $167,200 40% 39% N/A Food/drug combination stores 100,330 24% 25% N/A Discount stores 100,310 24% 23% N/A Supermarkets 33,440 8% 9% N/A Independent drug stares 16,720 4% 4% N/A Best-sellers by dollar [sales.sup.*] Market Dollar sales Unit sales Brand Manufacturer share (add 000) (add 000) Band-Aid Johnson & Johnson 23.6% $106,995 42,916 Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson 16.4% 74,074 26,082 3M Active Strips 3M 3.7% 16,534 6,930 Curad Futuro 3.1% 13,959 5,971 3M Comfort Strips 3M 2.7% 12,377 5,194 Band-Aid Spart Strip Jahnson & Johnson 2.6% 11,962 5,233 J&J KIing Johnson & Johnson 2.2% 10,046 1,905 3M 3M 2.2% 9,873 3,883 (*.)For the 52 weeks ended October 11, 1998.
Like Dave Spart or ~Disgusted' of Tunbridge Wells, Caesar approaches his subjects querulously determined to expose another Establishment conspiracy, though he does sometimes shrink from total irreconcilability (~To be fair'; ~But this perhaps is to be over-censorious'; ~but this is perhaps too pre-emptive a statement'), and occasionally, for example, admits somewhat embarrassedly that literary merit may have had something to do with Auden's esteem (p.
9, at Elgin Community CollegeAaAeAeAEs Blizzard Theatre, 1700 Spart Drive.
Some of that is, of course, spart of the on-going attempts win the hearts and minds, to sometimes sceptical Teesside public on board and put bums eats.