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SPARTACUSSystem for Planning and Research in Towns and Cities for Urban Sustainability
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It is not only the functionality that makes the Impera Hybrid Timepiece extraordinary: the Impera Spartacus Collection is the only hybrid watch worldwide that also comes with a wireless charger included.
The drop in the weights means Brave Spartacus can now compete in a 0-120 over fences for the first time since January 2013 and he can outclass these rivals from the top of the weights.
Others, undoubtedly, will readily trade T-Bone for Spartacus as fresher evidence of Booker's intention to evolve into a higher life form before our very eyes.
From the ashes of the old, will new be fashioned, For once again the outcome will be grim, With strength of solidarity their passion, And each will claim that Spartacus is him!
"The LFC Foundation coaches and Spartacus staff have built fantastic relationships with the participants, and they've provided them with activities that they normally wouldn't have the opportunity to experience.
She wanted a modern-day 'Spartacus,' said Lawrence.
And seven-month-old sPARTACUS thanked us in style with a big smile and a wee wave for the camera.
The Spartacus ballet, staged in the Arabian Gulf for the first time at Katara Opera House, was enjoyed by a large audience as part of a special presentation.
DOHA THE Armenian National Opera Ballet Theatre with its 85 artistes gave a spectacular performance of the Spartacus Ballet at Katara Opera House on Wednesday.
THE father of Spartacus actor Andy Whitfield has backed calls for his son to be honoured as a waxwork figure in Madame Tussauds.
The petition was published by The Face of Spartacus in March and has already attracted 7,519 names from 75 different countries including Wales, Russia, Spain and the US, but needs 10,001 for the museum to consider it.
Like everyone who fought against the Roman Empire, says Schiavone (Roman law, Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane), Roman slave-revolt leader Spartacus is known only from the reports of his enemies.