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SRSSupplemental Restraint System (airbag)
SRSSRS Labs, Inc. (audio technologies company)
SRSSouthern Research Station (USDA)
SRSSocial and Rehabilitation Services
SRSStreet Racing Syndicate (video game)
SRSSavannah River Site (South Carolina; DoE facility)
SRSSoftware Requirements Specification
SRSSex Reassignment Surgery
SRSScoliosis Research Society
SRSStereotactic Radiosurgery
SRSSample Registration System (census research)
SRSStudent Records System
SRSSequence Retrieval System
SRSSounding Reference Signal (telecommunications)
SRSStudent Registration System
SRSServer Reporting Service (software)
SRSSender Rewriting Scheme (for email)
SRSShared Registry System (ICANN)
SRSSilver-Russell Syndrome
SRSSafety Restraint System
SRSSound Retrieval System (audio technology)
SRSSurvivable Remote Site
SRSSan Replication Services
SRSSystem Restore Service
SRSSuper Racing System
SRSSound Retrieval System
SRSSun Raster File
SRSScreen Reader System
SRSSpeech Recognition System
SRSSelf Recovery System
SRSSurround Sound
SRSSupplemental Restraint System
SRSSite Replication Service
SRSShared Retained Secret
SRSShared Registry System
SRSSeagate Recovery Services
SRSSetup Resource
SRSSender Rewriting Scheme
SRSSafety Requirements Specification (process industry related)
SRSShock Response Spectrum
SRSService Request System (Sprint)
SRSSlow-Reacting Substance
SRSSharp-Rees Stealy (medical centers; San Diego, CA)
SRSSrpska Radikalna Stranka (Serbian Radical Party, Serbia and Montenegro)
SRSStanford Research Systems
SRSStimulated Raman Scattering
SRSSociety for Renaissance Studies (UK)
SRSSite Replication Service (Microsoft Exchange)
SRSSpatial Reference System
SRSScience Research Specialist
SRSService Repair Solutions (Las Vegas, NV)
SRSScience Resources Studies (US NSF)
SRSSystem Requirements Specification
SRSStratified Random Sampling
SRSStudent Response System
SRSScottish Radiological Society
SRSSynchrotron Radiation Source
SRSSingapore Registry of Ships
SRSSleep Research Society
SRSShip Reporting System
SRSSurveillance and Response Support (EU)
SRSSanta Rosa Symphony (Santa Rosa, CA)
SRSSpecification Requirements Specification
SRSSelf-Regenerating Suppressor
SRSShareholder Representative Services (San Francisco, CA)
SRSSport and Recreation Services (various locations)
SRSSecondary Request to Send (RS-449)
SRSStressed Receiver Sensitivity (JDS Uniphase Corp.)
SRSSpaced Repetition System (educational software)
SRSSeattle Robotics Society
SRSScottish Record Society (est. 1897; UK)
SRSSeparation and Recovery Systems
SRSSussex Record Society (UK)
SRSStrategic Reconnaissance Squadron
SRSSecurity Risk Solutions
SRSSealed Radioactive Source
SRSSpecification Revision Sheet (US NASA)
SRSSupport Requirements System (US NASA)
SRSSecurities Registration Statement (various locations)
SRSSupported Residential Services (Australia)
SRSStrategic Readiness System
SRSSelf-Replicating Systems
SRSSperry Rail Service
SRSSediment Retention Structure
SRSSearch and Rescue Sector (US DoD)
SRSStudent Retention Services (various organizations)
SRSStatistical Reporting Service (USDA)
SRSSun Remote Services
SRSSurvivable Remote Site (Cisco)
SRSSumatran Rhino Sanctuary
SRSSecurity Response System
SRSSkilled-Regional Sponsored (Australian immigration)
SRSSpeed Reading System (Kumon)
SRSSouthern Reference Stars
SRSStandards and Regulations Service (product compliance)
SRSSpeed Reference System
SRSStatistical Reporting System
SRSSubmarine Rescue System
SRSStudent's Relief Society (India)
SRSSAAM (Special Assignment Airlift Mission) Request System (US DoD)
SRSSurgical Research Society
SRSService Registry Service
SRSSurface Rescue Swimmer
SRSSource-Route Switching
SRSShell Racing Solutions (various locations)
SRSStock Rating Summary
SRSSubrate Switch
SRSSnyder-Robinson Syndrome
SRSStandard Routing Scheme
SRSSatellite Readout Station
SRSSecurity Requirements Statement
SRSSybase Replication Server
SRSSouthampton Running Sisters (UK)
SRSSupplementary Restraining System (airbags)
SRSSupply Response Section
SRSSaint Rose School
SRSScottish Rhododendron Society
SRSSalary Review System
SRSSatellite Radar Station
SRSSvenska Rhododendronsällskapet (Swedish: Swedish Rhododendron Society)
SRSSite Ranking System (US DOE)
SRSSimple Random Sample/Sampling
SRSSignal Reference Structure
SRSSea Research Society (Irmo, SC)
SRSStrontium Sulfides
SRSSeatbelt Restraint System
SRSSoftware Requirement and Specification
SRSSciences des Religions et Société (French)
SRSShock-induced Reaction Synthesis
SRSShort Range Sonar
SRSSmart Route Systems
SRSSolar Radio Spectrograph
SRSSponsored Research Service (various universities)
SRSSerious Rabarber Squad (Swedish gaming community)
SRSStress Rating System (health care)
SRSSupplemental Reboost System
SRSSubmarine Rescue Submersible
SRSSolution Requirement Specification
SRSSecondary Recovery Server (Compaq)
SRSSecondary Restraining System
SRSSystem Requirement and Specification
SRSStellar Radiation Sensor
SRSSwitch Request to Send (Hekimian)
SRSSVT Resolution Simulator
SRSSolvent Recycle System
SRSSpectres de Réponse Spécifiés (French: Specified Response Spectrum)
SRSSub-Rating Scheme
SRSSegmented Rail Surface
SRSShared Request Slot
SRSSenior Reliability Specialist
SRSShipboard Rackmount System
SRSSpecific Resistance of Soil
SRSSub-Reflector Shaping
SRSSteam Relief System
SRSSuspend Restore System
SRSSpares Requirements Schedule
SRSSoka Rugby School (Soka, Japan)
SRSShipboard Receive Suite (Global Broadcast Service)
SRSScouts Royale Sisterhood (sorority)
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The georeferenced data describe objects and things in relation to the geographical space--location--often with coordinates of location in a spatial reference system. The term commonly used for systems that use this type of data is known as GIS--Geographic Information System.
* The query, search, and retrieval of project control, including National Spatial Reference System survey control points.
* User notification of changes to National Spatial Reference System survey control.
My interest in the spatial reference system operating in North-East Ambae was thus sparked right from the start of my fieldwork.
This paper focuses on a class of directional verbs that comprise one feature of the spatial reference system in the language.
To date, there has been no adequate description of the spatial reference system of a Vanuatu language, and this paper serves as an attempt to fill that gap.
However in other ways the Vures spatial reference system differs.
A number of Austronesian languages that have a spatial reference system based on absolute distinctions between uphill/downhill and landward/seaward contrasts, further extend this distinction, regarding places of 'higher' importance (note that the same metaphor exists in English) as 'up', no matter where the place is physically located.
One can assume that previously, the people of Ambae needed to use their spatial reference system within the familiar setting of their village and district, and only more occasionally on different parts of the island, or further afield on other islands.
The topic of space in language, culture and cognition has been the main area of research of the Cognitive Anthropology Research Group at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in the Netherlands, where researchers have looked in detail at spatial reference systems in a diverse range of languages and cultures.
With technical guidance from the United States National Geodetic Survey (NGS), the 175th engineered IGRS in the likeness of the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS).
Beyond Iraq's borders, many other developing nations require help with developing modern spatial reference systems. Through progressive outreach programs, NGS has provided equipment and expertise in Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Africa and Eastern Europe to nations that are establishing CORS and HARNs.
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