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SROISocial Return on Investment
SROISustainable Return on Investment
SROISubsequent Report of Injury
SROIStudent Rating of Instruction
SROISpill Recovery of Indiana
SROISeniorenregeling Onderzoekinstellingen
SROISupermarket Recycling Organics Initiative
SROISecurity Return On Investment
SROISymphonic-Romantic Organ Institute
SROISchool Reserve Officieren Infanterie (Netherlands)
SROISpiritual Return On Investment
SROISummary Report of Investigation
SROISpatial Region of Interest
SROISimple Return on Investment
SROISpontaneous Reduction of Intussusception
SROIStreet Rods of Idaho
SROISales Return on Investment
SROISociété Radiophonique del'Océan Indien
SROISupplemental Report of Injury
SROISmart Region of Interest
SROISubregions of Interest
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