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S/NSerial Number
S/NSignal-to-Noise ratio
S/NSpay/Neuter (various locations)
S/NScreen Name
S/NSin Número (Spanish: Without Number)
S/NStaff Nurse
S/NSine Nomine (Latin: Without a Name; publishing)
S/NSex/Nudity (movie rating)
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The pet clinic performed 8,081 spay/neuter surgeries and gave basic wellness and vaccine services to 10,900 pets in the community at a low cost.
There were statistically very significant increases in all conditions within the early spay/neuter population, with sexually intact dogs having the least problem in all but one category.
"We want every homeless animal that comes through our doors to have a thorough in-house vet checkup, and to receive spay/neuter surgery as quickly as possible to ensure they are ready for adoption with little delay."
That's because fewer kittens are entering shelters, thanks to spay/neuter programs and kittens being cared for in foster homes until they're placed.
Obando works closely with a local low-cost spay/neuter clinic, Tree House Humane Society, where animals can receive vaccinations or be spayed and neutered.
Later sections deal with husbandry, infectious diseases, animal cruelty, shelter programs, behavior, and spay/neuter. Appendices list organizations, schools, and books.
But the details regarding when I want spay/neuter surgery done on my puppies have changed, and likely will continue to evolve.
However, each dog/cat is an individual and you should consider the long-term health risks and benefits associated with spay/neuter.
Beat the Heat Spay/Neuter Week, held February 21 to 25, was the first project of the newly formed Southeast Florida Region Spay/Neuter Coalition.
All kinds of new laws (88, at last count, according to US Sportsmans Alliance) threaten penalties for tying up your dog ("tethering"), breeding your dog ("puppy mills"), owning many dogs (a pack of hounds) and failing to spay/neuter your dog (fees if you intend to breed that Lab).
With participating vets, one can spay/neuter a stray cat for only $20 and dogs for only $40.
There are many non-profits here in Bulgaria and also non-profits from other EU countries here in BG who are trying to implement spay/neuter programs.